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"This is a wealth of information and knowledge that you will have for life. Best thing I ever did."


"Finding a program where I felt taken care of was very important to me... 100% this is that program."


"There are so many skills I learned. These are such powerful tools and they have shifted so much in my life."


Actually getting started is one of the hardest challenges most life coaches face.

Being a really great coach requires great coaching skills. Trying to figure out what those skills are and when to use them is hard.

Limiting beliefs and self-doubt (among many others) will inevitably come up. If you don't have help to work through them, you don't get clients and your people don't get the help they want.

If you don't 100% believe in the value of coaching because you haven't experienced it for yourself, explaining it to others is impossible.

People want to work with experienced coaches who can get them the results they want, but how do you get experience before you get clients?

guess how to do it

And your options for doing it alone aren't great

Searching Google for advice will get you inconsistent results and you won't know what to trust. Would you feel comfortable telling your clients you've been  trained by Google University? Probably not.

Can you really learn HOW to coach someone from only watching videos of someone telling you what to do? No hands-on experience means that you can't practice your skills or get feedback.

How much time have you already spent doing that? How many people haven't gotten the help you can give them? You don't get supervision or feedback on your skills, so you guess forever.

search google

buy a course

You don't need to have a huge social media following to be a successful life coach.

Building a life coaching business that actually makes money isn't as complicated as you think.

It's as simple as learning how to coach people, getting coached by someone else and coaching other people.

the good news is...

and you don't have to guess or try figure it out on your own.

It's that simple.

assurance that you're working on the right things and a breakdown of exactly what coaching is, how to do it and how to sell it.

What you need is...

I will walk you through all of those steps (and more) inside the Created Coach Method Associate Coach Certification.

I'll teach you exactly what you need to know, show you HOW it's done by experienced coaches AND give you feedback when you do it so you don't waste time or money trying to figure it out on your own.

We won't be wasting time on things that don't matter like...

Crafting your IG bio

Building complex and expensive funnels

Creating endless social media posts

Figuring out your niche before you even work with clients

Our proprietary certification process


Great coaching is a skill that can be learned. Part of being a great coach is being dedicated to mastering your craft so that you are at the forefront of a quickly evolving industry. I will teach you the skills you need to know so you don't get distracted by things that aren't important.


In order to truly understand the value of coaching, you need to experience how transformative coaching is for yourself. You will get coached hard on limiting beliefs and doubts that come up so they don't hold you back from growing your business and helping your clients.


The easiest and simplest way to make money as a life coach is to coach as many people as possible. You'll get experience coaching your peers inside the program and you'll be encouraged to work with free or paying clients while you complete your studies. 

Learn how to coach people.

Get coached by someone else.

Coach other people.

The steps you need to take to create an amazing client experience from start to finish.

Managing your thoughts and emotions so you can show up to every client session with a clean mind, embodying a coaching mindset.

Experiencing the value of coaching so you can authentically sell it with integrity and belief that your coaching works.

Evaluating your coaching skills so you know exactly what to shift, improve and keep doing.

Working with real clients so you can get real experience, real testimonials and graduate with an already thriving coaching business.

When you join the Created Coach Method Associate Coach Certification you will also get help with...

The Created Coach Associate Coach Certification program is a hands-on, transformational coach training experience.

During this 6-month certification you'll receive industry-leading training that will give you the tools, skills and experience to become a world-class coach as well as the confidence to coach anyone using our proprietary coaching framework that blends positive psychology and a neuroscience based approach to coaching.

Each of the modules inside the certification are expertly curated to cover every single foundational skill that will stay with you well beyond your first few clients.

These skills will make you better at coaching and at selling coaching.

Learn skills that will give you complete confidence in yourself and your ability to                                                


This is why it works for everyone:

No matter when you started your coaching business, how many clients you've had, your personal background or business experience, the associate coach certification will give you the tools you need to help your clients get results and make money as a life coach.

That's because you'll learn EXACTLY what you need to start working with clients and making your investment back right away.

You don't just learn the theory of coaching and get sent on your way.

You learn coaching. You get coached. You coach others. 

It's all built right into the certification so there's no guessing or trying to figure it out on your own.

We give you unlimited coaching so that you get every bit of personalized help that you need to excel in applying the materials.

What sets the Created Coach Method apart?

We have a history of doing things differently, and that's not going to change any time soon.

World-class content

You get access to industry leading training, supervision and feedback that will help you become a world-class coach. Our focus is experiential learning with abundant opportunities to practice and get feedback on your newly acquired skills.

Most coach trainings teach you the "what" and the "why". We do all of that AND go deep on the "how". We'll walk you through everything you need to know and do to build a coaching business that serves your clients above all else and stand beside you as you execute.

Where most other trainings say "this is what I do, replicate me" We say "here are the tools -learn them, experience them, practice them, then do them your own way". We don't coach like other people do and we sure as heck aren't going to make you do that either.

Outcomes & results

Coach your own way

The Curriculum

module 1

Coaching foundations

We're diving straight in to the important stuff - you'll learn how to demonstrate ethical practice which is imperative for providing exceptional coaching service. We'll also cover how to embody a coaching mindset so you're always able to show up fully for your clients and have the tools you need to deliver consistent results.

- What coaching is and is not
- Code of ethics & confidentiality
- Developing self-awareness as a coach
- Embodying a coaching mindset
- Intro to trauma aware coaching

module 2

Co-create the relationship

Develop powerful practices that establish trust and intimacy within the coaching relationship. Coach at the deepest level possible in order to facilitate lasting transformation and empower your client to take bold action in the direction of their goals.

- The coaching agreement
- Coaching the "who" vs. the "what
- Coaching presence
- Direct communication
- Building trust & rapport
- Sensory acuity

module 3

Communicate effectively

Learn the three levels of listening and how to use them to strengthen your relationships. Develop the emotional capabilities required to help others see their own potential. How to use powerful questions in coaching conversations to discover the deeper truth.

- Mastering the art of listening
- The 4 levels of transformation
- Reflective inquiry
- Powerful questions
- Presuppositions

module 4

Cultivate transformation

Expand your coaching toolkit and practice using your intuition to coach in-the-moment without an agenda or needing to 'fix' your client. Learn and implement a proven coaching framework - The Created Coach Method - and hold space for your clients to create new possibilities for themsleves.

- Coaching session outline
- The Created Coach Method
- Advanced coaching conversations
- Cause & effect
- Identifying & rewriting your story

- The meta model
- Reframing
- Creating metaphors
- Perceptual positions
- Strategies

- Creating achievable outcomes
- Values
- Working with beliefs
- Future pacing
- Helping the client set actions

During the certification you'll experience a combination of self-paced and live learning, with the theory and practical application of the skills you learn demonstrated every step of the way.

Each module builds upon the other and is released in 6 series so you have the opportunity to learn, embody and apply your newly acquired skills with complete confidence.

The details

There's a lot to learn, and we're with you the whole way.

As soon as you join you'll be invited to register for our online campus. This is where all of your training materials and resources are kept.

All of the lessons are broken down into easy to consume videos with audio only versions and transcripts available too.

Each month you'll be sent an email with a schedule of videos to watch and live calls to join. You'll be able to complete all of the graduation requirements within 6 months.

You'll have access to the course content for life.

You have 12 months to complete everything that is required for graduation. Extensions may be granted for a fee.

bi-weekly live calls

Join live every week or catch the replays in our online campus. We have four different call types (a different one each week) to support you on your journey.

Whether you’re getting coached personally or learning from the coaching of others, group coaching is vital in changing belief systems and increasing your coaching experience.

This is where you will practice coaching other people and getting coached by someone else. It doesn't matter if you have been coaching for years or you've never coached anyone at all. Attending these calls will give you the experience and confidence to coach anyone on anything.

ASK A coach

Get 1:1 help as you go through the process. Submit coaching and questions 24/7 and get individualized coaching, tailored specifically to you as often as you need. We give you unlimited coaching so that you get every bit of personalized help that you need to excel in applying the materials.

online community

Ask questions and get support in our Vibely community. It's like a facebook group, but way better. Our community gives students an opportunity to share + learn from each other while celebrating huge breakthroughs along the way. 

live coaching

coaching lab

We officially start June 6th.

The content will be released monthly over a 6 month period.

You will receive a checklist for completion which outlines everything you need to do to graduate as a certified coach.

What our students have to say

Kait fowlie

kandice quintana

ebony williams

What's included when you join the certification?

World-class training at the highest standards of excellence 

We've developed a training methodology that is student-centric and crafted for results

Online campus

Access all of your trainings, replays and resources in one place that facilitates an intuitive learner experience

Resources, templates and sample agreements

We've made it as easy as possible for you to work with clients and implement your new skills

demonstrations and case studies

Watch and learn from coaching sessions by other people to gain a deep understanding of the coaching process

access to 24/7 coaching

Get individualised coaching, tailored specifically to you as often as you need

Graduation requirements


As you progress through the certification, you'll be given assignments which you'll need to complete and submit to demonstrate competency of the skills and techniques you learn. 

coaching hours

Coach 5 people for a minimum of 25 hours (5 hours per person).
Submit a coaching log of your coaching sessions and include any feedback you received from the client.

submit one session

Submit a recorded client coaching session for grading. You'll receive written and video feedback on the skills and techniques you used in the session.

case study

Observe one coaching session and write up a case study that includes what you saw in the session, what you think was done well and what you think could be imrpoved.

When you join you'll receive a checklist for completion that desribes each of the following in detail.

The investment

Financing option

six payments of



Pay in full

one payment of



No matter which option you choose, you'll get access to all of the training, support and guidance that will give you the tools to make money as a life coach.

*Due to the nature of digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL (includes payment plans). No returns, refunds or early cancellations. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms posted HERE.


What's the next steps to join?

The next steps to take to join the Associate Coach Certification is to reach out and let us know you're interested so we can make sure you're a good fit for the program.

choose one of the 3 options

schedule a call

send a dm on instagram

send an email

In your inquiry please let us know how much experience you have as a coach, what you're looking for in a certification and the number one reason you want to become a certified coach.

I feel so much more confident to actually go out and help people. The skills that you learn here you can’t learn anywhere else. you should sign up for the created coach program if you’re serious about becoming a coach and helping people change their lives.

kristy pask

I feel confident that I can have a business and make a proper income out of it rather than staying stuck and not believing in myself.  If you want to learn some amazing tools and modalities for yourself and your clients this is an amazing program.

lyn shah-myers

The techniques that I’ve learnt here will really help me to support people to find their purpose and what they want out of life. Do you want to stay the same or change your life? If your answer is change your life then this is the right thing to do. 

bree boucher

Join a growing community of coaches just like you who are taking control of their business and future.

Frequently asked questions

Because it works.

You'll acquire the skills that are required to become a life coach who can CONSISTENTLY get their clients results.

That includes what you need to be a coach AND what you need to sell coaching.

We teach you and coach you at the same time.

Listen to this podcast episode where Created Coach student Jenni took what she learnt in the certification and incorporated it with other coaching modalities to create a completely unique experience for her clients.

I've never coached anyone before, is this for me?

I've already got coaching clients, is this for me?

How long do I have access to the content?

What times are the calls? What happens if I miss one?

what will i be able to do once i finish this course?

I'm in a different timezone than the us - can i still take the certification?

how is this worth the price?

what's the success rate for people who take this course?

How many hours per week should I set aside to study?

Are there any refunds?

It doesn't matter what other people have done.

You can decide you will get what you came for.

You get to decide if you're going to be successful or not.

You get to decide if you're going to get value from something or not.

If you expect your clients to take action, believe in themselves and be responsible for their results, you have to do that for yourself first.

I've never coached anyone before, is this for me?

I've already got coaching clients, is this for me?

How long do I have access to the content?

What times are the calls? What happens if I miss one?

what will i be able to do once i finish this course?

I'm in a different timezone than the us - can i still take the certification?

how is this worth the price?

what's the success rate for people who take this course?

How many hours per week should I set aside to study?

Are there any refunds?

Frequently asked questions