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The Created Coach Method

If you're ready to transform your life from the inside out, then The Created Coach Method is going to help you do it.


You LOVE coaching, and maybe you’ve been doing it (successfully) for a while… but you want to learn real skills that will help you go even DEEPER with your clients…

You want to want to help people see that it’s possible for them to achieve their goals, but feel like you’re coming up short when it comes to practical skills to really help them get there.

does this sound familiar?

You know you have the experience and knowledge that can help your clients change their lives but you don't know how to combine it into a course or program that sells.

You've tried to do it on your own for long enough but you're over feeling left behind and like you just don't know what to focus on to get results.

You know you're meant for more but you know you need the support and guidance of someone else who's already made the mistakes so you don't have to.

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There are two MAJOR challenges every coach faces

1. Learning the skills to help their clients effectively and ethically and;

2. Learning the strategies that will help them stand out in a saturated market that's always changing and where everyone and their grandma's cat wants in.

The truth...

The coaching industry is booming. It’s currently a $1 billion dollar industry (some even say it's at $15 billion). Anyone can be a coach, and therein lies the problem. Let me explain…

Coaching is an unregulated industry and untrained coaches are damaging the reputation of the industry, even though their intentions may be good.

The worst part is these untrained coaches are impacting the lives of their clients, and not always positively.

And since there are literally THOUSANDS of people who are all trying to do the same thing, it’s harder than ever to stand out from all the basic coaches who seem to be on all the platforms every single day getting all the clients and you’re left feeling like you might be in a little over your head.

When it comes to building an irresistible and profitable coaching business, I know how hard it is to...

Work with a client who never seems to do the work and starts most calls with “I didn’t do the work because…”

Develop the confidence in your skills as an effective and ethical and freaking AMAZING coach.

Put all of your time, energy and hope into creating an AMAZING program, only to worry no one will even see it.

Figure out where to start, how to start, what to do, what not to do and everything else that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Scale beyond time for money to group programs that actually stand out of the crowd and provide so much value for your clients.

Build an engaged community of people who want to hear what you have to say and are eager to buy your offers.

it's time to stop
making it up
as you go

You don't have to keep making it up as you go. 

What you need is:

     A proven process for coaching your clients that has them raving about working with you

     Actual, real, legit TANGIBLE coaching methods and techniques you can implement into your business that will benefit your clients AND give you the credibility you deserve

     The support, guidance and feedback you need to help you master your coaching skills and expand your coaching business.

It is possible for you to build the business and life you dream of.

The people you look up to aren't more intelligent or capable than you. They just decided to go all in and make it work, and you can do that too.

The tools you're going to learn will help you shift your mindset so you can step into the identity of the coach, leader and entrepreneur you know you're meant to be. 

what if there was a way to

What if there was a way to...

Create and sell transformational offers and signature programs that automatically position you as the leader in your industry.

Sell without sweating through your shirt by creating a sales process you actually enjoy has you excited to share your offers.

Establish yourself as a top coach and leader by mastering the skills that get your clients the results they’re after.

Show up authentically and consistently and confidently invite your ideal clients into your world and position yourself as the one and ONLY solution.

Stop being a slave to your computer by setting yourself and your clients boundaries that give you the freedom to close your laptop on weekends.

Follow a proven method that gets results with your clients and you can adapt and make your own so you stand out from the crowd.

Well, there is.

I’ve developed an adaptable framework for coaching clients and packed it into a reliable, highly implementable plan.

You'll have everything you need to break old patterns, beliefs and identities to create a new paradigm of success.

get ready to completely uplevel your mind, business and life.

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This is where you're at right now...

This is where your
potential clients are at...

You're on a mission to build a business that ticks all the boxes: Passion, purpose, pleasure and profit.

They’re searching for answers trying to figure out the thing that has them stuck but all they’ve found is a bunch unfulfilled promises from so called experts.

And you know that when it comes down to it, your business is about helping your clients get the results they haven’t been able to get on their own.

They can’t seem to figure out who can actually help them get what they want, because every coach they come across is doing things the exact same way as each other.

Imagine having a proven system for coaching your clients, making more money and positions you as the expert in your niche easily...  


How would your business be different if you...

Had the tools and skills to scale your business beyond where you’re currently at - think group programs, VIP days and Masterminds.

Were able to stand out from the THOUSANDS (millions?) of coaches as someone who knows their shit and prioritised your clients’ results first.

Were confident charging the kind of money that allows you to do the things you enjoy without having to check your bank balance first.

Never worried if you would know what to say in a coaching session with a client again because you have a proven method you can rely on.


The Created Coach Method

The Most interactive, high-touch online NLP and coach training experience.

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You can take the course at your own pace or you can follow our guide to be fully certified in just 3 months. you get access to weekly live group calls to support you on your journey.

Hit play...

When you join The Created Coach Method you'll be trained in these 5 coaching modalities:

You will learn how to powerfully and effectively communicate with your clients, to create a space for them to expand, how to empower them to be at cause for all of their results, to guide them to create their future based on possibilities and to be an active participant in their life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming involves the systemic study of human communication and how we create our reality. It is also the study of exceptional talent: how outstanding individuals get their results. It’s a combination of powerful techniques that access the deepest parts of the brain

You will learn techniques that will help your clients release and replace old, disempowering beliefs, habits and ways of being in as little as one session. Hypnosis facilitates direct access to the subconscious mind to help people with things such as smoking cessation, fear of flying, weight loss, phobias, creating a compelling future and more.

T.I.M.E. techniques explore how the mind perceives time, both semantically and neurologically. The techniques that make up T.I.M.E. help to eliminate negative emotions, limiting decisions and learn powerfully from past experiences. T.I.M.E. Techniques helps to turn past negative experiences into powerful, positive resources.

This amazing tool is something you'll be able to use yourself and teach your clients that will help balance the energy in the body. By using your own hands to tap on the energy meridians of the body you'll be able to restore the body's energy flow, similar to the way acupuncture works, without the needles.






Timea @the.urban.healer

Jenni @iam.j.anne

carissa @carissawalford



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The Investment


NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E. Techniques, EFT and Life & Success Coaching.


Instant access to everything you need to start learning and growing your business.


Practice your techniques and meet the other coaches.


The step-by-step guide to that shows you how to build your coaching business and scale it to the next level.


Learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Everything from social media to taxes to Human Design.

Have questions? Use the chat box in the right corner and we'll get back to you ASAP.

*Due to the nature of digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL (includes financing options). No returns or refunds. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms posted HERE.

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visionary business

guest trainings

student trainings

Learn everything you need to know about building, launching and scaling a coaching business.  I will guide you every step of the way to help you  build the business of your dreams without the worry and with all the impact.

Join industry leading experts as they share topics that will help you grow your business and develop your mind. You'll learn Human Design, Social Media, Branding, Taxes, Kundalini and more. We add new expert trainings regularly.

You'll have the opportunity to share your own knowledge and expertise in a student guest coach training session. These sessions are live and open to anyone to join to maximise your impact and spread your message.

Oh, and your bonuses... here they are




Here's what you'll learn

Reprogram old patterns and beliefs so you can achieve your goals

Communicate with your clients to create a deeper level of connection

Help your clients set new goals and take action to achieve them

Help your clients overcome procrastination, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and more

Position yourself as the go-to coach in your niche (easily) with the credibility to back you

Create epic courses and programs that stand out and sell out

During The Created Coach Method online training program you'll receive expert training, supervision and feedback. You'll experience live demonstrations of each technique you learn and guidance on how to incorporate your new skills into your business.

What's included

The Created Coach Method experience is focused on giving you everything you need to turn your skills into profit. You'll receive expert supervision, feedback and assessment as you develop your coaching skills and incorporate everything you're learning into your business.

Over 120 hours of guidance and support

There are over 120 hours of expert training, supervision and feedback inside The Created Coach Method program.

This Includes our pre-study, video trainings, live group calls, and feedback on your individual submissions.

Online video training library

The core trainings of The Created Coach Method program are broken down into 8-10 hour videos each week if you want to finish in 3 months.

You’ll be able to pause, rewind and re-watch each one, and you’ll have lifetime access to them so you can come back anytime you need a refresher.

You will be fully supported and guided the whole way through the program as you learn and master the skills that will set you up as a powerful coach.

Technique Integration calls

Get all of your questions answered about each concept and technique in our weekly live Technique Integration calls.

We’ll go deeper into exactly how you can implement the tools into your business and in sessions with your clients. My goal is to help you become a CONFIDENT coach, so you can deepen your powerful skill set.

You’re going to practice all of the techniques you’re learning so you have real experience, supervision and feedback before you start working with paying clients.

Weekly self-practices

You need to commit to your own growth and development if you expect your clients to commit to the work they need to do when you’re working together.

Through this work you’ll embody the tools and techniques you will use with your clients and to facilitate a deep understanding of the work.

When you master these tools you'll be able to attract better clients, facilitate more transformational results and charge more for your services

Hot seat coaching

Experience what high-level coaching is like and have the opportunity to be coached by Brooke. You'll see and feel a real-time example of a powerful coaching session.

Brooke will share her decision making process behind the tools and techniques she called on in the session, and debrief at the end. You’ll leave the session having experienced the tools and techniques you’re learning and the transformation that comes along with it

Private community

Join our exclusive Facebook community where you can collaborate with your fellow coaches, get extra accountability and support, get feedback on the things you’re working on and expand your network.

Community and networking is an integral aspect of online business and this will give you the opportunity to make business and personal connections that will serve you well beyond the program duration.

Abundant resources

Dive into the amazing additional support material that will further help you integrate your new skills into your business and in sessions with your clients.

This is going to be really helpful for you to create hypnoses for your clients, create additional resources for your group programs, easily integrate the tools into your coaching sessions and to talk about your new skills effectively so that other people understand what you do and how it can benefit them.

We will keep adding content regularly so you’ll always have something fresh to come to when you need ideas and inspiration.

Learn high-level business strategies

You'll learn how to implement everything you're learning into your coaching business as well as the strategies you need to know that will help you get clear on your ideal clients, create AMAZING sales pages, have epic sales calls and get your work in front of the people who are ready for it!

I've taken everything I've learnt from my 5 years in coaching as well as all of the lessons my clients have learnt and included it into your bonus content.

You'll also be able to ask me and business related questions in our private Facebook group whenever you need.

Lifetime access to everything

You'll always be able to access and join our technique Integration group calls.

They will run periodically throught the year and you can join just a few or every single one, even if you've already completed the program.

You can truly go at your own pace and always have a safe space to practice your skills and connect with other coaches.

The components of your neurology; The physical parts of your brain and the non-physical mental and emotional aspects.


The words you use to communicate with yourself and others to interpret and express your experience of the world.


How your experiences, perceptions, beliefs, patterns and emotions impact the actions you take and the results you get.





Taking an NLP training is learning how your mind works, why it works that way and how you can learn how to communicate with it more effectively and intentionally to achieve your goals faster.

NLP teaches you not only how to communicate better with yourself, but also how to communicate more effectively with others. 

NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but it is so much more than that.

It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results.

Imagine what learning something like this will do for your clients and your business.

OK... but what the heck is NLP?

Chances are you've heard a lot of people talking about it, and for good reason; it's life changing. I had NO CLUE what NLP was when I did my very first training but I quickly realised how incredibly transformational it is.

What will your time in The Created Coach Method look like?

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3


The first month will be dedicated to going through all of the foundational trainings. This gives you a chance to get a basic understanding of the concepts we'll be doing a deep dive into in month 2. You'll listen, take notes and ask questions on our weekly calls.

Now that you have the foundations under your belt, we're going to go much, much deeper into each concept and technique. You'll learn what each technique is, where it came from, how to use it in a session with your clients and you'll get hand on experience practicing each one with your fellow coaches.

It's time to work on and submit your tests (don't worry, they're open book), film your technique demonstrations (that's you practicing each technique so we can give you feedback) and start incorporating what you've learnt into your courses and programs.

You'll have life-time access to all of the training videos, technique demonstrations and community of high-level coaches. We are constantly adding more resources and support so that you always have a place to come back to for guidance, community and inspiration.

“Sounds good Brooke, but there’s plenty of other coach training programs out there. Why you?”

The Created Coach Method isn’t just another coach training program. And I’m not just another trainer who cares more about how much money I make each month than how my students are developing their coaching skills and expanding their businesses.

Yes, there are other coach training programs out there. Some might even get you a few more skills or “powerful questions” up your sleeve. But none of them (none) give you the necessary tools, resources, and processes to go beyond blending in with the thousands of other coaches to being the in-demand expert turning their skills into profit who has built a successful and profitable coaching business.

YOU're asking the tough questions today and you should. I DON’T INVEST IN JUST ANY COACH OR PROGRAM AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

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The Created Coach Method does things differently

Where other training programs give you “blueprints” so you can just copy and paste the same things they’ve given every other student, The Created Coach Method helps you build a unique and solid foundation of coaching skills and business strategy and helps you to adapt it to suit your unique personality and business.

And then we even take it a few steps further

By providing comprehensive coaching practice through advanced level training, supervision, feedback and assessment to make it incredibly easy for you to understand the concepts and skills you learn inside the program.

You will never be left to figure this out on your own

So many online coach training programs sign you up and leave you to it to figure it out on your own (I should know, I’ve been in them). There’s a lack of on-going support and feedback that is ESSENTIAL to producing high-level coaches that utilise their skills effectively and most importantly, ethically.

How is The Created Coach Method


from other programs?

The created coach method is high touch.

This means that your success is my number one priority. You will have all the support you need to implement what you learn into your business. Other programs teach you what's in a book and leave it at that. The Created Coach Method teaches you how to use everything you learn in real-life scenarios with your clients.

When it comes down to it, the content in all coach NLP training programs is the same. It has to be the same to be approved by the accrediting bodies. The difference comes down to the trainers and their values and priorities.

You'ill be trained by me, not an assistant.

I will always be the trainer. This is because I have the experience from working with a lot of clients using NLP and Hypnosis AND experience helping other coaches grow their businesses. Some other trainings are advertised under the name of a well known trainer, but have other less experienced trainers leading the training.

I know where you're at right now.

I've been there and I know the challenges you're experiencing and what can help you move forward. I know what it's like when you're just starting and you're scared to even share that you're a coach and know that advice like "just go live" isn't all that helpful. I also know what it's like to have been coaching for a while and want to push beyond what the rest of the industry is doing and do things your own way. I'm not interested in just getting students into my course. I'm interested in helping you create an amazing business that allows you to live the life of your dreams and confidently help your clients do the same.


Kristy @kristypask



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So, you in?


NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E. Techniques, EFT and Life & Success Coaching.


Instant access to everything you need to start learning and growing your business.


Practice your techniques and meet the other coaches.


The step-by-step guide to that shows you how to build your coaching business and scale it to the next level.


Learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Everything from social media to taxes to Human Design.

Have questions? Use the chat box in the right corner and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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*Due to the nature of digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL (includes financing options). No returns or refunds. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms posted HERE.

Hey, I'm


I’m so glad you’re here - Get ready to completely transform your coaching business and be a part of the new wave of coaches: The ones who value learning and development take the title of “coach” very seriously.

Your coaching obsessed, do it your own way, no BS trainer!

I have served and supported countless entrepreneurs to become amazing coaches and build sustainable businesses.

Now I’ve combined everything that’s helped me and my clients into one program and certification, and I’m sharing it all with you so you can end the search for “secrets” and “blueprints” and start experiencing real results now.

We don’t waste time on the stuff that doesn’t matter and we’re not a get rich quick scheme.

Am I  a good fit for this program?

the created coach method was designed for people who:

Want to learn how to coach people using proven methods and techniques that get results and want to ensure they're doing it effectively and ethically.

Have a skill or expertise they want to turn into a course or coaching program OR already have a course or coaching program they want to scale and supercharge.

Are ready to commit the time and energy to building a profitable business and know that success requires work and getting out of their comfort zone.

Are at cause for their results and take responsibility for them, and don't blame others for the outcomes they achieve.

Are willing to get creative, try new things and experiment and understand there's no one-size fits all blueprint when it comes to building a business.

Know that results take time and the results you do get are determined by your willingness and commitment to doing the work even when it makes you uncomfortable.

Still have questions?

I totally get it. Making an investment in yourself and your future is a big decision. If you have more questions or just want to get to know me a little first to decide if this is the right step for you, we can make that happen.

Send me an email with any questions you have

Chat with me

Send an email

click here to chat with me and ask any q's

I've never coached anyone before, is this right for me?

You'll learn how to be an amazing coach as well as everything you need to know about setting up and growing a successful coaching business to growing a community online.

I've been coaching for a while now, is this right for me? 

You'll learn how incorporate new coaching tools into your business that will help your clients get better results, you stand out from the crowd and your prices to increase.

Yes! It's perfect for you.

Yes! It's perfect for you.

You've read this far and that means...

You know you need to up-level your skills and that investing in a training program just like this one will be the thing that helps you break through to next-level business success.

You have an amazing offer and you are already an amazing coach, you just need something that will separate you from the thousands of other coaches and give you the credibility you know you deserve.

You’re in it for the long run. You have dreams that go beyond posting inspirational quotes on your Instagram account. 

Stop second-guessing yourself. 

bree @ thebreeboucher

Here's what Created Coach students asked before they joined

I already have so much going on and I'm not sure if I'll have the time.

The program is set up so you're fully supported. If you fall a little behind with the work that's totally OK.

All of the group calls will be recorded and uploaded to the online portal so you can watch them whenever you can.

The final month of the program will be focused on catching up and filming all of your videos for assessment. If you need more time that's OK, you can submit your graduation requirements at any time.

What times will the calls happen? What if I miss one?

I'm in PST so the calls will happen in North American working hours. We try to accommodate all of the different time-zones so the call times will change each week.

You'll receive a link to a Google calendar that has all of the call times in advance so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded into the online portal so you can watch and re-watch them whenever you want.

If you have a question but can't make a call you can use the question form to submit it before the call and I'll answer it there so everyone can benefit.

I'm a new coach, will this work for me?

The Created Coach Method teaches you how to coach effectively and ethically.

You're going to learn a lot of powerful tools, concepts and skills that will set you up for success when you begin to work with coaching clients.

This is ESPECIALLY good for those who have never coached before because you will begin your business with a strong foundation which is the support your clients will need from you.

The online coaching industry is expanding daily and everything you learn inside The Created Coach Method will help you stand out while growing your business in a way that is authentic to you.

I've been coaching for a while, will I learn anything new?

Absolutely. The transformational tools and techniques you will get access to are going to allow you to go deeper than you have previously gone with your clients.

This means coaching on an entirely new level. You'll be able to incorporate everything you learn into your current offers of you can create entirely new offers to focus on teh new shifts you can now help people achieve with your new skillset.

Do I need a certification to be a coach?

Coaching is an unregulated industry, so no, you don't NEED to be certified to be a coach.


As someone who guides others to change their life, to think bigger, to have a bigger vision for themselves and to take action towards that vision, it's your responsibility to ensure you know how to effectively and ethically.

Coaching is not giving advice. Coaching is about holding space for your clients, helping them to see beyond their self-perceived limitations and calling them out on their own BS.

From the place you're currently at, do you feel like you can be the best possible coach for your clients? Or do you think there is some room for improvement?

This isn't about getting a piece of paper, this is about supporting your clients to the best of your ability and doing what it takes to improve your skills on a continuous basis.

How much time will I need to dedicate each week?

You can expect to dedicate 8-10 hours per week on the videos, self-work, Q&A calls and other homework.

During the kickoff week we'll work together to begin scheduling in learning time and I'll share some of my best Google Calendar tricks with you.

I'm not a coach, can I still join?

Totally! Although this page does talk a lot about being a coach, I'll be teaching in a way that is inclusive to all of the different experiences, businesses and intentions for those who join.

The tools and techniques inside The Created Coach Method are effective in so many idfferent situations:

They are amazing self-coaching tools

They can be used in group situations and events

They help you to understand others better and can contribute to better relationships with those around you.

I have another question that isn't listed here.

Please email with your questions or send me a DM on instagram


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What are you waiting for?


NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E. Techniques, EFT and Life & Success Coaching.


Instant access to everything you need to start learning and growing your business.


Practice your techniques and meet the other coaches.


The step-by-step guide to that shows you how to build your coaching business and scale it to the next level.


Learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Everything from social media to taxes to Human Design.

Have questions? Use the chat box in the right corner and we'll get back to you ASAP.

*Due to the nature of digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL (includes financing options). No returns or refunds. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms posted HERE.

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