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create a signature coaching method that sells

The way to create offers and courses and coaching packages that people want to buy is to create offers that you are crystal clear on and 100% sold on.

You need to believe that the container that you have created is THE container that will get results. You have to do the work to get behind it so it’s a hell yes to you first BEFORE you expect it to be a hell yes to anyone else.

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I am your host, Brooke Alexander, as usual. I am excited to be here. I’m taking a bit of a break from working on the associate coach certification. My mind, my everything has been so focused on that right now and making sure. So amazing every day, I have a new idea on how I can make it even more awesome for you and help you learn how to coach people even better help you get coached even deeper and help you practice your coaching even more.

I’m so obsessed with this. Cause I think this is like one of my most favorite things I’ve ever created. I just love all of the bits and pieces that are going into it because my goal is to be. Truly unique in terms of the way that coaching training and education is delivered and the experience that the students have in the course, the priority is the students and their learning and their development so that they can help.

Clients better. And that’s my focus for this. My focus in this whole creative coach umbrella, the associate coach certification, the professional coach certification. All of that, everything that I do is to help the students to help you. Learn better practice, more, get coached deeper, and I’m just obsessed with it.

I love it. I’m so excited about it. I keep adding more and more things to it, which adds more and more stuff to my plate. Literally every day I keep having to. Find new people to hire, to help me with all of these ideas that I have, because I just have so many things that I’m working on for it that I can’t do it all on my own.

I just keep creating even more work for myself. And I’m at the point now where I’m just like, I actually can’t do all of this on my own. So super fun, super exciting. You can join the wait list for the associate coach certification. In the description. I’m going to share something with you that I shared in my email the other day, because I want to make sure you have everything that you need to make a good decision, the decision that’s right for you.

So right now we have the associate coach certification. That’s on a wait list. It’s starting at the end of may. We already have some students who have joined because they know that it’s what they want to be a part of. So if that’s you can definitely reach out to me. And let me know, you can send me an email.

You can send me a DM on Instagram, but we have the associate coach certification and the professionals coach certification. So right now the professional coach certification. The NLP hypnosis, quantum time release EFT certification. It has all of those in there at the end of this year, that course is going to be entirely updated and refined, and we’re going to be creating an even more in depth learning and facilitating coaching experience.

You can still join that program right now, you can join the NLP hypnosis quantum time release EFT certification. Right now, if that’s what you want to do, you can go ahead, go to the website, join it, learn those tools. When the associate coach certification goes live at the end of that. The professional certification, which is NLP hypnosis, et cetera, is going to become application only.

It’s only going to be available to students who have already gone through the associate coach certification. And then I know that they have the foundational skills to get into the NLP and really practice it at the level that we’re going to be doing it. Or someone who’s been coaching for a while already and has experience coaching people and wants to take it deeper with their clients.

It’s not going to be available for a brand new coaches to take any more, for many reasons that I won’t get into right now. However, if you want to join that course right now, you can, every single person who is in that course before the associate coach certification goes live. We’ll get both the associate coach certification and the professional coach certification for the one price it’s currently $2,997 to get the NLP hypnosis, et cetera.

That’s the professional coach certification, 2,997. Us dollars to get that. If you join right now, you’ll get that. Plus the associate coach certification all for the same price, you wouldn’t have to pay anything extra. Automatically get access to the associate coach certification so you can wait and take the associate coach certification first and then go through the NLP content.

You can do it the other way around. You can do whatever you want. The associate coach certification is going to be $2,000 to start. And when you join that, you’re only going to get the associate coach certification. You’re not going to get them both. I’m really working on separating them and having them very distinct and defined a separate coaching.

Training courses that have, that are definitely have different results. You’re going to be learning different things in each. And the associate coach is going to be for mostly newer coaches. Who’ve never coached anyone before or people who have worked with clients, but are maybe they feel like they’re lacking some of the foundational.

Skills like listening, active, listening, how to coach your clients at the deepest level possible coaching the who versus the what events, coaching conversations confidentiality and code of ethics. Trauma intro to trauma, aware coaching. That kind of stuff, the stuff that is essential to build upon, and then the professional coach is going to help you take your coaching work even deeper.

So I want to let you know about that before it all changes, because I want to give you all of the information that you need to make a decision that’s right for you. If you have any questions about. I just said, or what any of that means you can definitely reach out to me on my email or you can send me a DM on Instagram and just say that, Hey, you mentioned this thing and I don’t quite understand what are you talking about?

And I’ll clarify for you. But yeah, I just wanted to make that super clear and. Now we’re going to dive into today’s podcast episode. So today I want to talk to you about the way you coach people and your offers. We’re going to be talking about what you’re selling. We’re going to talk about your unique coach.

Method, I’m going to be hosting for the first time ever three days of learning and coaching with me on your coaching method. I have realized that this seems to be an area where a lot of coaches have drama and where there is a lack of clarity for their. If you’re not clear on how you coach people, what makes your coaching different?

What your offer is or anything else along those lines that will make your clients lack the clarity that they need in order to say yes, to working with you, to being coached by you. If they are confused about any of those things, because your confused about them, they will say. Most coaches aren’t making the money that they want to make because they don’t believe in their coaching offers 100%.

If you’re not making the money that you want to make. It’s because you’re not sold on your offer. It’s because you don’t believe in your offer at the level that you need to believe in it in order to convey that message with your entity. To the people that you want to work with to your potential clients.

Now it’s not that you’re not saying the right words, but it’s that you don’t believe in it to some degree, maybe you don’t believe. The actual coaching that you offer your process, maybe it’s that you don’t believe in yourself as a coach, maybe you don’t believe in coaching or you don’t fully understand the value of coaching because you haven’t experienced coaching for yourself, your coaching isn’t coming across.

Clear or your coaching method or your coaching offer. Isn’t coming across in a clear and concise, simple, concise, and simple way. This is why most coaches aren’t making the money that they want to make. It’s because their coaching isn’t coming across in a clear and concise and simple way, your people aren’t understanding what your coaching is and they don’t know what they’re going to get from it.

I see so many codes. And I’ve talked about this before, maybe on the podcast, maybe on my Instagram, where coaches are putting in their like Instagram bio, or their title of what they’re going to call themselves. And it’s so confusing about what they actually do. It’s Feminine embodiment, facilitator, soul aligned goddess.

And I’m just like, I don’t know what you do. What does that mean? How are you going to help me? I don’t know what any of that is and it sounds nice. And maybe the Instagram posts look, I don’t know, whatever kind of way. Nice aesthetic. It sounds cool, but it doesn’t mean anything. And if your clients, if the people that you are speaking to don’t understand it.

If it’s not clear and concise and simple, what you are trying to get across to people, what you can help people with, how you can help them. They’re not going to understand, and they’re not going to be able to say yes, because they don’t know what they’re saying yes. To when you’re not sold on your offer.

This is another. When you’re not sold on your offer, your clients, won’t be either. If you don’t believe in your coaching process and your coaching, no one else can. No one else will be able to believe in your coaching that you can help them get results. If you don’t believe it. You have to believe it before anyone else.

And most of the time, the reason why you don’t have the belief there, why you’re not 100% sold on your coaching offer on your ability to help your clients get results. It’s because your coaching offer your method, your unique coaching method, plus your irresistible offer the package that you put that all into.

Isn’t clear and concise and simple to you. And if you don’t think of your coaching and your offer, as the most valuable thing on the planet, your people won’t be able to grasp the value either. This is why it’s so easy for me to talk about the created coach method and the associate coach certification.

And the professional coach certification is because I know. That these two certifications have things in them that no other certification does. I know it, I know the value in there. I know that they are incredibly value, valuable to people who want to learn coaching to people who want to become coaches.

And I’ve because I’ve created it specifically to be the most valuable thing. I know the value of learning and coaching and learning how to become a coach. I know the value of getting coached and I know the value of practicing coaching people. Those are the three things that I’ve put into the associate coach certification specifically at the moment.

And I know that these three things are the most valuable thing to you. These are the things that help coaches become very successful and very, oh, I don’t want to say the word valuable again, but valuable to their clients. And so I have no problem talking about to anyone about the certifications that I offer.

I will talk about it on my email. I will talk about it on Instagram. I talk about it on the podcast. Because I know the value and my belief in this, in the value, my conviction comes across in my energy. Now I could be saying the exact same words to you, but from a different energy and you wouldn’t pick up what I am putting down, but because right now my energy is 100% behind my offer that is coming through to you.

You can feel that. I know that you can. Because I’m feeling it now, too. I am on fire. Just thinking about it, the way to create offers and courses and coaching packages that people want to buy is to create office that you are crystal clear on. And 100% sold on crystal clear. You need to be crystal clear on how you coach.

The actual process that you take people through your signature method, you need to know how you do that, and you need to be 100% sold on it. You need to believe that your signature method, the thing that you offer people, the way that you’re going to help people is the way that people can get the results that.

You need to believe that the container that you have created to coach your clients so that the entire package, it’s your signature method inside your coaching package. So I’m talking about maybe it’s a three month container, six months, maybe you do weekly calls, bi-weekly calls, maybe they’re 90 minutes.

Maybe you have lessons. Maybe you have live events. Maybe you have a group. That’s the container that I’m talking about. You need to believe that container that you have created is the thing that will get the result. That’s how they get the results. It’s because of this space that you have created for them.

You have to do the work to get behind it. So it’s a hell yes to you before you expect it to be a hell yes. To anyone else. It needs to be easy and simple for you to explore. And easy for you to sell a lot of you don’t know how to explain how you’ll get your clients results in a clear and simple way. You don’t have a structure or a process that’s clear and simple for guiding your client.

To result. You might have some tools and things that you can give your clients to do. Like maybe you use Reiki or you use breathwork or you use journaling or inner child work, and you have a homework and things like that you have for your clients, that you do those things and you have these tools, but you’re not able to explain the tangible process of your coach.

Or the results that it gets to your client, because that’s really what they care about. They don’t care about if you use breathwork or inner child work or EFT or NLP, they don’t care if you use those things, they just want the results. And a lot of you don’t even believe that you can get your clients results.

That was a huge one for me for a long time. When I was coaching, is the belief holding the belief that I could help my clients get the results. And there are so many reasons why I was doing that. And we’ll talk about that in the course, but you lack clarity and direction in your own coaching process and how you can really help your clients get the results.

And you probably don’t even believe that you can guarantee any type of results. I know this has talked about a little. In the coaching industry, it’s that, that it’s not up to the coach to guarantee any kind of results and the results are up to the client. And what, while that’s true, you actually can guarantee something and we’ll go over the process of how to do this and what you can actually guarantee in the live course.

A lot of you are comparing your office to coaches who do have processes that get results. And then. I think that they are better than you, or you use it as an excuse to say that someone else is doing it better than you. And why would anyone even want your offer? And you let it hold you back from getting out there and having conversations with people who want coaching, offering coaching to people and you use.

Other people’s success against yourself. You use the success that you see other people having as a reason for you not to do things that could make you successful too. And. You’re using it against your clients too, because you use other people’s success as a reason for you to not help people. And that’s not fair to the people who actually want your help when you’re not clear on your coaching offer and your signature method.

You’re coaching process and the results that it gets, you start to negotiate in your mind about your coaching, because you’re not clear on it, and you’re not confident that your coaching actually gets results. You make accommodations a lot of the time and you’re willing to change your offer, to suit the beliefs your clients have about what your offer should be.

How many times have you done that on a sales call or. When someone’s been talking to you about your offer or your coaching in the DMS or wherever, and they’ve said, oh, if it was this price, I would have it at this price. Or can I do it for this long instead? Or can we have cold? Once a month instead of weekly, and I’ll pay you on, I’ll pay you for it.

What it would be for one call per month instead of the four calls per month. This is what happens when you’re not so clear on your process, on your sick signature method that you can’t clearly and easily and simply. Walk someone through what it is, how it works and the results that it gets in. I’m talking about the whole offer, the process, the price, the length, the payment options.

You need to be sold on all of that so much so that you’re not willing to budge on any of it, because that’s the container that. The, as the expert have created for your clients to achieve the transformation there after you’ve priced it specifically, because that’s the price that you believe is going to help them achieve the transformation.

It’s the specific length that you have decided that’s going to help them achieve the transformation that they’re. It’s got the amount of calls or the frequency of calls that you as the expert have decided because in your experience, that is what is going to help them achieve the transformation that they’re after.

If you’re willing to budge on any of those things on the process, the price, the length of payment options, the amount of calls, the homework, the list of that. If you’re willing to budge on any of those, you are not completely 100% sold on your. You don’t believe that’s the offer that will help people get the results that they’re often when you’re not clear on your coaching process, when you don’t have a simple and clear method for your coaching, you create offers based on what you think people are willing to buy.

Not what you, as the expert think is required in order to guide your clients to. This is why you think that the value of your coaching comes from the amount of calls that you put in or the homework that you have for them or the other extra things that you add on Fox or access or any of the other superfluous things that you add into the offer that isn’t the current.

You start selling something. And when it doesn’t work, you decide that it didn’t work because of what you offered. And then you change what you offer to try and sell that instead, hoping that will be the thing that works. So we are going to work on all of this three days. You and me, we’re going to coach on all of these things.

Your mind is going to transform around the value of your coaching and what your signature coaching methods. We are going to make things super simple and super clear. You’re going to be able to sell your coaching much, much easier. If you don’t sell, if you don’t sell your coaching, the people that you want to help do not get helped.

So I don’t want you to get freaked out that you’re going to be learning how to sell coaching and whatever might be coming up for you right now. If something is coming. In order for you to help people, you have to learn how to sell your coaching. You have to learn how to talk about it. You have to learn how to explain it to people.

And that’s what we’re gonna do. You’re going to have clarity and certainty about your coaching, what it is, the process that you guide your clients through, and the value of the container you create. You need to be super clear on your coaching, your marketing, your trainings, or sales Cole, all depend on what your process is.

The signature method that you guide your clients through and the results that it gets determined, how you market and sell. You need to know it in order to. And to sell other people on it. I’m going to share all of my skills and experience with you. I’m going to walk you through a process to create your signature coaching method from the perspective of your client.

You need to create what they want, not what you want them to want. You need to be able to explain it in a way that they can understand. And that has them saying, yes, I want that not asking themselves what it means. If they are confused about it, if it’s not crystal clear to them, how it’s going to help them and the results that it’s going to help them achieve and the benefits that they’re going to experience from achieving those results.

If they don’t know that if it’s not clear to them, then they’re going to say no, or they’re going to pass it by. You’re not just going to be learning stuff in this course either. It’s not just going to be teaching. I’m actually going to coach you on your signature method on your coaching offers.

I’m really excited about this. We’re going to work on transforming your mind in order for you to get 100% sold on your offer and be crystal clear on what it is we’re going to create. Your signature coaching method, we’re going to get it all out there. There are going to be no questions. There’s going to be no back and forth.

We are going to create it together. We’re going to create it together. And then I’m going to coach you on what you need coaching on in order to get it up and running and get out there in front of people and start having conversations with people about coaching, about helping. We’re going to work on the limiting beliefs you have around your coaching and the beliefs you need to have about your coaching in order to feel completely sold on it.

And the results you guide your clients to. You’re going to have the opportunity to be coached by me, and you’ll be able to get coached by watching other people get coached. I’ve said this so many times before, but group coaching, watching other people get coached is. Like I think my favorite way to get coached is because I learn things that I didn’t even know that I needed to get coaching on because.

Other people bring up stuff that I have as a blind spot that I didn’t even know was something that I needed to be coached on. So I would never be able to bring that up to my coach because I didn’t even know it was there, but then some, I see someone else getting coached on it and I’m like, oh my gosh, I needed coaching on that too.

And I had no. So I love watching other people get coached. I actually really freaking love it. We’re going to work on creating your signature coaching method and go over all the things that are important for figuring out what it is and how to create something that is clear and concise so that you can explain the results to your clients in a clear and concise way.

I’m going to give you my experience on creating your own, really incredible signature coaching. For three days, this is the way that you coach people, the signature process that you guide your people through. So for me, I have the created coach method and we have it. It’s. Even deeper. Now, the more students I’ve worked with, the more clients I’ve worked with, the more I’ve been able to refine this process.

And it is a way to help my clients get results that no one else can deeper results that aren’t just surface level. We’re just thinking about our thoughts. We go deep into it and we find out where the thoughts came from and we change it. We switch it. We integrate new thoughts and new. That’s what we do in the creative coach method.

You’re going to create your own process for helping your clients get the results that they’re often I’m going to teach you and coach you on creating a coaching process. That is a hell yes for you. And. For your clients. This is an opportunity for you to let go of all the drama that you have around your coaching and your offer for good.

Once we’re finished, all you’ll need to do is go out and sell your offer. The work will be done. You will be coached through your shit. We’re going to do the work so that you aren’t wasting time getting caught up on details that we can just figure out. Now your time should not be spent, trying to make decisions on what your offer actually is.

We will work on that in the course over the three days so that you can focus on things that actually make money, like having conversations with people so that you can focus on actually getting out there. Okay. Being able to coach people, because if you aren’t selling and getting people sold on your coaching, you’re not coaching people.

You’re not helping anyone. I will tell you how to find out who your ideal client is very quickly. So you don’t waste time on that. I will give you my advice on what to do, what to offer, how much to charge so that if you don’t know those things if you don’t have them figured out yet, and you don’t want to make those decisions, You don’t want to do the back and forth anymore.

You don’t have to, I’ll tell you exactly what to do. And then you can go out there and do that and then figure out what works for you by doing things, instead of wasting time thinking about them, I will give you things to try on. So instead of the drama, the back and forth, you actually go out there and you have steps and you know what you’re going to do and you do it.

And you say yes, that worked for me. I’ll keep it. Or no, that didn’t work for me. I’m not going to do it like that anymore. I want to do it this way. Everyone is going to benefit from this course, no matter where you’re at in your coaching business, regardless of how long you’ve been coaching, you’re going to learn new things and you’re going to get coached.

Those both apply to anyone at any stage of their coaching business journey. I want you to come to this course, ready to work, ready to create, ready to get COVID. Ready to watch other people get coached and ready to create an incredible coaching process. That’s your own. And to sell it, you’re going to create a signature coaching method that makes it very easy for you to sell it to people and easy for people to say yes, that’s the point.

The point of being a coach is to get people to say yes to working with you so you can help them. If you can’t get people to say yes to working with. Then you can’t help them. That’s part of being a coach, the way that you think and feel about your offer is what determines how many people say yes to it.

Not the price, not the length, not how many calls or workbooks they get, not if they get Voxer support or not. None of that makes a difference. It’s your thoughts and feelings about your coaching and your offers? That makes a difference. We’re going to work on that in the course. You’re going to work on the objections that you have on your own.

This will make it easier to work through the objections your clients have. When you have a simple and clear coaching offer selling, it becomes easy. Offering it to people becomes easy. That means. That you will be able to coach more people. That’s really what this all comes down to. The cost is happening over three days.

We start on Tuesday, the 10th of May, and we go on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and we’re going to have different pieces of training on each day. And we’re going to have coaching on each day to join this training. You need to head to the link in the description box and you can also head to create a mine academy.

Slash signature method. You can join us there. All right. That’s it. For this episode, don’t forget to go and sign up to join this training. It is going to be amazing. I am so excited to coach you and train you and work with you through this three day free live course. I will see you there.

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