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I hope you’re having an amazing day! It’s getting reallly cold in Toronto (-21ºc today) but the good news is in a few weeks I’ll be in Mexico at a friends wedding, so I’ll miss out on a few days of winter.


Today’s blog post is going to be really helpful for you to create a vision and plan for your future. This is beneficial for so many reasons! It helps your unconscious mind look out for things that will help you get to where you want to go via your reticular activating system and it also is determines what you will attract into your life. The most important part of manifestation is feeling into your desires and creating a strong emotional connection to the future you desire. The Universe reads energy, because it is energy, and your feelings are also energy. This is how you become an energetic match for you desires and pull them to you. Make sense?


Visualising is different for everyone, and if you’re not a visual person that’s OK. If thinking about your desired outcome and repeating an affirmation of achieving it helps you feel into your desires that’s totally OK. Whatever helps you feel the strongest is exactly what you’re meant to do.


Here are some tips I have for you to increase your connection to your future vision so you can feel into it as strongly as possible. This is a practice and the more you do it the easier it will get for you.



Seems logical, right? Maybe, but how much are you actually thinking about it? How often, how detailed and how are you FEELING when you’re thinking about it? Are you just thinking about how nice it would be to have more money but not specifying how much, what you would do with it, or if it’s possible for you?


There are a few ways I go about this. First I like to create a big goals list. These are all the things I want to achieve, have and experience. I let my mind get creative and I don’t judge anything. I add to the list when I need and I remove stuff if I change my mind and something no longer resonates with me.



I also like to break down my months and do a scripting exercise for each. This is basically writing out exactly how I would love the month to go. What do I want to experience, how do I want to feel, what do I want to achieve? When I didn’t do this I found I was just living each day going along with whatever came up, and I wasn’t getting anywhere because I wasn’t expecting to be anywhere other than where I was. Even though I had goals I wasn’t expecting that I was going to achieve them. Scripting my months get my unconscious mind and the Universe on task.



I use a variety of mindset tools that are based on NLP and hypnotherapy to help me uncover any limiting beliefs or fears that might be holding me back. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for bypassing the conscious mind and critical factor and install the vision right into the subconscious mind. The mind works in symbols and images so hypnotherapy is great to create a vision right in the subconscious so it focuses on that. I go really deep on techniques like these that help my clients feel into their goals and become an energetic match for achieving them. If you’d like to learn more you can go here.


Thinking about creating something you’ve never done before can be daunting. This is the time when fears, doubts, worries and limiting beliefs will come up. That’s great because it allows us to shine a light on things that need to be worked on so we can get to the next level. If you want to shift your reality and create a life you love you will need to let go of the beliefs that won’t allow you to move forward.



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Creating a vision for your future