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How to niche down when you want to help everyone

Today I’m covering 

– Why it’s important to have a coaching niche

– Signs you might not have a clear enough niche

– What a clear niche is

– How to figure out what your coaching niche is

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Welcome back to the, of course you did podcast. My name is Brooke. I am your host from Today we are going to be talking about nicheing this nicheing niche, niches, niches, whatever you wanna call it.

However you wanna say it. This episode is inspired by one of the students that is inside the created coach method. She asked a question about. Finding a niche and finding a profitable niche in our online community. And I get this question a lot, honestly, nicheing and finding out who you help is probably one of the questions I get the most in.

Are different roundabout ways, but it all comes back to figuring out who you want to help. It’s really important that you do try and figure out who you wanna help specifically, because when you try to help everyone, you help, no one people might come to your content, come to your website, listen to your podcast.

And none of those people are gonna be sitting there being like, yes, that’s exactly me. I say that to myself. That is exactly. The problem that I have, because your message is gonna be so broad. People might listen to it and you might get, oh, that was so helpful. That was so nice. You might get like, oh, that inspired me to do something, but people aren’t going to be.

Inspired enough to the point that they’re thinking of you as an expert, and that they’re thinking of you as the go-to person and that they’re thinking of you as the person who can solve their specific problem in the way that they are telling themselves. It’s a problem, because if you’re trying to help someone solve a problem in the way that you explain the problem.

and usually when you’re explaining it as the coach you’re diagnosing it, you’re not actually saying what the problem is. You’re diagnosing and offering a solution before you’re actually aligning with them and what they think the problem is. So you’re, you’re, you’re gonna be missing them and nothing is gonna connect because you are on a different page to them.

Hopefully that makes sense. But I wanted to get that out before we get into it. So when you don’t have a solid niche, And maybe this is you. If you’re any of these things, it could be because you don’t have a clear niche, you might not be getting people to sign up. You might not getting any clients because you are not clear enough in your message and in your result and in your specific step by step method on how you help your clients get the results.

You can only have a specific step by step method on how you help someone get results. If you have a clear niche, if you have a clear idea of who. Are helping.  and your message is clear for them. So maybe you’re changing your offer a lot because maybe you’re changing your offer a lot, cuz you’re not getting clients.

And you’re like maybe if I just change my offer, people will sign up. I’ll get clients. You might not be getting any, any responses to your social post, to your email. Um, or maybe the response is something like that’s so inspiring. This sounds so nice. Wow. Good for you. I’m so proud of you, things like that.

So let’s talk about what a clear niche actually looks and sounds like. A clear niche. Sounds like, okay, this is where my client is starting right now. This is their point a for example, let’s talk about if, um, you are a relationship coach, so their, your client’s point a might be. They’ve never had a relationship before they donunno how to use online dating.

And they aren’t confident speaking to the people that they wanna go on dates with or your part a could be. They are divorced, they have children. They haven’t been in the dating world for a long time. They’ve sporadically used, uh, the apps for dating right now. So they know how to use them. Um, they’re confident enough to go on dates.

They just need help finding, um, sifting through the people to figure out exactly. The kind of person that they wanna go on dates with and then not people pleasing, or like maybe they’re the kind of person who goes on a date and is like, oh my gosh, this is the person. This is the one. Maybe they keep doing that over and over again.

So you can be really clear on.  exactly what you should be really clear on exactly where they are now. What is their point a now the reason that you need to know their specific point a is because in order for you to have a specific process, step by step, step by step method, to help them, you need to know exactly where they are right now, the importance of having a step by step method, a signature process, a unique process that you use.

Your clients need to know what this is in order to feel comfortable and safe, working with you in order to feel comfortable and safe that you are going to help them cross this bridge that they can’t cross on their own.  it helps them feel safe to actually invest in working with you. It helps them feel safe that they are going to get the result.

And I’ve, I’ve talked about this on another podcast episode before about the importance of having a unique coaching process. I’ve also done a workshop on this because it’s so incredibly important. You need to be able. Literally spell it out for your clients because that’s what people are looking for now.

That’s what people are looking for. And it positions you as an expert, people can come to you and say, oh, this is how she does it. This is how he does it. Oh, okay. I get that. I understand that I can picture myself going through these steps and being successful at the other end at the other side. So when you have a specific point a, then you can have your step by step process.

You can know exactly where your client is gonna be at the end because you know, I can guarantee this result because I know where they’re starting from. They’re not starting from, let’s say the very beginning, they’re starting from part way through so I can guarantee some specific results because the person who’s just starting and the person who’s part way through, they’re probably not gonna end up at the same place.

So it’s gonna be harder for you to guarantee results. But if you are. From whatever point your client starts at to the finish point. If you’re very specific on the starting point and very specific on the finishing point, you are able to guarantee results in that situation. So for example, for me, my niche, I work with business coaches.

So I work with bus, business coaches who. Only, uh, have worked with X amount of clients. Like there’s a specific number of clients that they have to have worked with. There’s a minimum amount of, um, a minimum amount they need to charge for their offer. They need to be confident on sales calls. They need to be able to close sales calls.

They need to have like a few different, um, marketing channels. I, with my one to one coaching, I’m very specific on where.  client is at right now because I do guarantee results. So I need to know exactly where they are and they, I need to have a specific starting point in order to guarantee results. If I were to.

Someone who had never even worked with a client before. I wouldn’t be able to guarantee the same results. So hopefully I’m making that clear. You need to have a specific point a, it, you don’t have to help someone through their entire journey. You actually don’t have to help someone from point a to Z. You can help someone from point C to D if you want.

you can help someone just with a little segment of their journey. You can help someone for a very specific segment of their journey. You can help someone only if you want, if you’re like a money coach, you could help someone only create their, um, money dates. Okay. We’re gonna work to. Create your money dates and help you stay on top of your finances.

You might not even help them figure out what their finances are. You can just help them stay on top of their finance and create a habit and a routine and a strategy for staying on top of everything. So you don’t have to help someone on their entire journey. Hopefully that’s clear. Okay. Now let’s get into the good stuff.

Often people. Think that this part on, we’re gonna talk about finding your niche. Often people think that this part is so hard and confusing and time taking. I don’t know what the word is that I’m trying to think of here, but I think it needs to take a lot of time. And this is part of the question that the student asked in our online community.

She was saying that she is, she’s been researching niches and thinking about it and looking at what other people doing and checking their engagement to see if that’s a profitable niche and. My response to her and my response to anyone else who is unsure about what their niche is or figuring out how to find it is.

You’re not going to find it by thinking about it. You’re not going to figure out who you like to help, what you like to help them with and how you can help them just by thinking about it. You have to get out there and coach as many people as possible. At the beginning, you might not have a niche. And that is okay.

Niche. You, you don’t need to wait to have a niche before you start coaching people, coach anyone on anything until you start to see a pattern in what you like to coach on what you are good at coaching people on what you want to continue. Coaching people on work with people for free. If you have to work with people, you can work with, uh, paying clients.

As long as you don’t have to spend time doing the inner work to get comfortable charging people for money. If you’re not comfortable charging people to work with you right now, do it for free until you are comfortable with it. Don’t do the mindset work and the inner work until you’re comfortable with.

do it for free until you’re comfortable with it. The mindset work, shouldn’t be carrying you through anything that you do. Your action carries you and your mindset work. Is there. The inner work is there to pick you up when the action doesn’t feel good anymore. When you’re self doubting, you have to take action first.

So the way to find your niche is to get out there and coach as many people as possible. Put it out on your social media, that you have a few coaching spaces open and they’re free. And maybe I’ll do a whole episode on how to actually branch out of Instagram and find new people, but do whatever you can to coach as many people as possible.

Coach friends, coach, family, go into Facebook groups and find people, whatever you have to do. You don’t need to figure out who your niche or ideal client is. You just have to allow the obvious choice to show up naturally through the action that you’re taking through getting out on the court and playing the game, not watching from the sidelines.

And the obvious choice will be the person who gets the best results with the least amount of help from you to do. And once you’ve helped a people, a few people get consistent results. You have the experience and the method to develop your own signature coaching process. Actually getting out there and working with people, allows you to notice the patterns among your clients that will help you explain your methods and results in a way that draws in the specific type of person who wants the exact help you offer the quicker you can get into the court.

Instead of watching from the sidelines, the quicker you’ll be able to create a scalable offer that allows you to. More people get better results in less time. So that is the episode for today. It was a quick one. I’m talking really fast, cuz I wanted to get all of this out in the least amount of time possible.

So I hope you like this episode, head over to Instagram to let me I love to know when you are listening to these episodes. So don’t forget to tag me when you share and I will catch you in our next episode.

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How to niche down when you want to help everyone