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Welcome back my loves! It’s been a short break between blog posts because of lame ass reasons that I won’t bore you with.


BUT… in this time I experienced many a meltdown, many shifts and many exciting things are underway because of it all.


The concept of fear has come up a lot lately for my clients, people in my community and myself even. When this happens I know I need to share about it.


I totally get the feeling of fear. I know it very well. All different kinds of fear too; what will other people think? What if it doesn’t work? What if it works? What if it works for a while and then it stops working? What if I get it and I don’t like it? What if, what if, what if… that gets exhausting. I know I’m tired of it. It’s a heaviness. Constantly thinking about things not working. Wondering about all the possible ways things might go wrong.


Then we say we’re not confident. Like it’s a requirement of achieving something. Like there’s a condition that has been set that in order to achieve anything you must first deem yourself confident enough to be, do, have it. Is that what you think? Does that make sense?


I ask a lot of questions because this forced you to look inwards instead of absorbing my ideas and opinions and perspectives.


Where does the fear really come from? It comes from a response that was helpful many, many years ago that helped us consider if the thing we were about to do would keep us in the tribe or get us kicked out. If we got kicked out there was a high chance we’d die. It also stopped us from doing things we hadn’t done before in case there was a tiger there and then we might die. But you’ve heard this a million times. This isn’t what helps really.


What helps people overcome fear? DOING THE DAMN THING. That’s all really.


What pushes people to that point? The point they were not able to get to before?


The fear that not doing it would produce worse results than actually doing it. A life of mediocrity. A life of always wondering if there was a better way.


Some people live with the fear forever because actually doing something would require effort and that takes change and belief and FREAKING ACTION. Some people choose to live with the discomfort because that seems easier than getting uncomfortable.


You get to decide what you want. You get to decide if you’re going to make it real. You can choose to keep worrying that it might not work or you can say FUCK it and give it a shot.


Do you want to know how to predict your future? All you need to do is take the average of the last 90 days of your life. That is what you’ll keep getting if you don’t decide that you’re going to take the more that is available to you. You know it’s there, you can almost feel it. It’s already yours, you just have to claim it.


Write the following in your journal;


I now claim …


I now claim …


I now claim …


I now claim …


I now claim …

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