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Do you want to learn how to program your mind to help you get what you want? In this post, I’m going to share a powerful goal-setting method called setting authentic outcomes that will give you the clarity and confidence you need to set and achieve your goals.

How many times have you set yourself a goal that you were so excited about, but never actually fulfilled? If you’re anything like me, you’ve done that more times than you can count on one hand so I tooootally get that stomach drop feeling when you look back on the list of things you wrote in your journal that you wanted to accomplish, only to realise you only achieved one or two of them.

The good news is that the problem isn’t you (phew) and there’s an easy fix that you can implement RIGHT away that will make your goal setting so much more powerful and achievable.

This new way of setting goals or outcomes will show you how the areas of your life that you may think are unavoidable or unchangeable (without great effort at the least) can be areas of opportunity and choice.

The method I’m going to share with you comes from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and is a technique that’s taught in-depth inside The Created Coach Method program. Inside the program, you’ll learn how to effectively use this method with your clients so they feel empowered to take action towards their goals.


1. Get clear on what you actually want

So often we set goals around things we think we want and it might not be a true reflection of what’s important to us based on our own personal values and beliefs. It can be easy to see what other people are doing and think that’s what we should do as well without asking if that is truly aligned for us.

When you’re getting clear on what you want be sure to focus on the end result you want to achieve (the desired outcome) and not to fixate on the solution you think will get you there. The whole point of setting goals is because we want to achieve something different to what we already have, right? When we set a goal and then get attached to and fixate on the solution that we think is the “right” solution and the only one that will allow us to achieve our goal, we miss out on the limitless possibilities that actually exist as potential ways we can achieve our goals.

When you’re getting clear on what you want ask yourself the following questions to help you. I find it best to write things down by hand in a journal so I can allow things to flow.

  • What do you want? – Be specific eg. Just saying “I want to go on vacation” isn’t going to cut it. Where do you want to go on vacation? Do you know when? With whom? If you’re writing a money goal write the specific amount.

  • What will achieving this outcome do for you? How will your life be different once you achieve it?

  • How will you know when you’ve achieved this outcome? What will you see, hear and feel the SECOND you know it’s been achieved?

  • What are you not willing to do to make your outcome a reality? If your goal is to start a business but you want to avoid rejection, then you know you have some mindset work to do. If you want a partner but you don’t want to go on dates, that straight up won’t work.


2. Get clear on where you’re currently at in relation to your challenge (what’s prevented you from achieving your outcome so far).

In order for you to know how to get where you’re going, you first have to know where you are. When you’re putting a destination into google maps and then it comes up with a suggested route, it has to show you where you currently are in order to give you accurate directions, right?

Getting clear on where you are is also going to help you weed through the symptoms that are showing up that are masquerading as the problem. Again, you want to make sure you’re clear on where you’re at so you can create a crystal clear path that will take you where you want to go.

Getting clear on where you’re at requires you to ask yourself some powerful questions that you’ll need to answer honestly.

  • What’s stopped you from achieving this goal?

  • When did you decide that’s the problem? Think back to the very first moment you decided that this was a problem for you. What was happening? What triggered that decision? What moment were you responding to that caused you to decide the problem is the problem.

  • What have you done in the past to try and solve this challenge? You want to make sure you’re not repeating things you’ve tried in the past that haven’t worked.

  • What will happen if this challenge isn’t solved?

  • What will happen if it is solved?


3. Now it’s time to set your authentic outcomes! 

This is a really fun and easy process and once you go through it you’ll see how powerful it really is in helping you get crystal clear on your goals and create a path to get there. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my specific outcome? In order for your unconscious mind to want to work towards it you need to make it compelling and something you REALLY want. Make sure it’s specific and not vague.

  2. Where am I now in relation to my outcome? This is the starting point so you can work on creating accurate directions.

  3. How will I know when I’ve achieved my outcome? When will you know it’s certain? E.g. Do you know you’re going on vacation when you book the ticket or when you’re checking in to your hotel?

  4. Do I really want it? What will achieving this outcome allow you to do?

  5. Am I fully in charge of achieving this outcome? Are you taking full responsibility or are you giving your power away to another person/thing or condition?

  6. What areas of my life is this going to impact? Are there any reasons why you might not actually want to achieve this outcome?

  7. What personal resources do I have that will allow me to achieve this outcome? Think about your strong points and all the attribute you have that will help you. Also, get clear on what areas can be improved that will help you achieve your outcomes.

  8. Who else do I know of who has achieved this outcome? How might they have done it? What resources might they have used?

  9. Work backwards from the point when you will know you have achieved your outcome to know and create a path to achieve your outcome. I like to work in month blocks, dependent on how far into the future I’ve set my goal. You can do it in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly chunks.

  10. State the desired outcome in the present tense as though you already have it. Write a short statement that covers all the positive aspects of your outcome using the following

    “I am…”

    “I have…”

    “I do…”

Read this statement morning and night every single day to make sure your subconscious mind is always switched on and knows what it’s the focus is.



Follow these simple steps to create powerful goals that you actually stick to using NLP

  1. Get clear on your specific outcome

  2. Get clear on where you’re currently at in relation to your desired outcome

  3. Follow the steps to creating your authentic outcome




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How to set powerful goals you can actually stick to using NLP