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How to sign more coaching clients

The simplest things are the ones that are most often missed.

In this episode, I’m sharing the things you’re probably missing that are going to make the BIGGEST impact on your ability to make money as a life coach. It definitely has nothing to do with what you post on Instagram or the captions you write, regardless of what you’ve been told in the past.

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Hello, and welcome to today’s podcast episode as usual. I am your host, Brooke Alexander, excited to be here. I have to preface this episode, this recording by saying that there is construction happening. All angles, like all angles from outside of my apartment right now. Like some even right outside my door, really close.

Paco keeps barking at it. This is the second time I’m trying to record this episode and I was gonna stop and try and wait for the sounds to start to stop. I did I even say that right? I was gonna, yeah, I was gonna stop and just wait for all of the noise to finish, but this is Mexico and. The noise never finishes here.

So we’re gonna keep going. Hopefully my, I have a really good mic, so hopefully you can’t even hear it, but if you do hear it, we’re just gonna go with it. We’re just going with the flow, cuz I feel like I really gotta get all of this stuff out of me today. The stuff that I wanna talk about in this episode.

So today we are talking about how to sign more coaching clients. This is something that I love talking about, and it is multifaceted. There are so many different things that come into play. There’s a lot of things that. We all need to unlearn. I have been on a process of unlearning, a lot of the stuff that I learned from past coaches, stuff that I have learned from social media about other coaches that I’ve said, you have to do things this way in and bro sales, marketing, and, and stuff like this.

So a lot of this is gonna be about unlearning and then relearning. It’s gonna be about. Identifying the thoughts and beliefs that you currently have that are not serving you, that are holding you back from signing the amount of coaching clients that you’d like to sign, helping the amount of people that you would like to help, and then learning new ways of doing things and accepting that.

That the way that you maybe have been doing things and the way that you have been thinking and believing isn’t serving you, isn’t the most effective way to get things done. And that there is a simpler way and easier way. And sometimes it might seem like that if something is simple, Sounds simple and sounds easy that it’s not the correct way to do things that it should be hard, that it, I should have to go through all of these steps, but I want you to notice if that is your thoughts.

If those are the thoughts that you are having, that it has. To be hard because this person said, no, I have to do all of these steps. I have to do so many different things. Notice if that’s the way that you’re thinking and then ask yourself if that is serving you. And if I provide a different perspective, a different way of seeing things, a different thought for you today, try it on, see how it works for you and try it on with the intent to.

Fully see how it works with the intent to get behind it, not the intent to prove it wrong, but the intent to see how it could actually be true. So I feel like I have a lot of things to say I’ve covered a lot of I’ve written down a lot of points. I was actually gonna record this episode last week, but I felt like something was missing.

I just couldn’t, I, I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling recording it last week and I felt like something was missing and it came to me the other day. Got it down. So we’re gonna go with it. And I’m feeling fired up to talk about this topic because it’s honestly something that. I have been working towards for a really long time.

Since I started coaching, it was like one of those things that I just couldn’t figure out. I was trying to figure it out for so long. I was like, how do I sign more clients? What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? Cause when I first started my coaching business, I wasn’t signing, signing any client for a little while there and I couldn’t figure it out.

And I wanted to find an easier way to do it.  the easier way to explain it a way that felt more fun, a way that didn’t feel like salesy or pushy. And I’ve done sales courses before that were like none salesy sales courses. And let me tell you they were fucking salesy. I am not about chasing people down cold messaging people.

Pushing people’s pain points until they say yes, like that is not my vibe. So when we’re talking about how to sign more coaching clients today, like we’re not gonna be talking about any of that bullshit because I I’m just not here for it. I am not interested in it. I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t feel good.

I don’t wanna be that person. So we’re not talking about that kind of stuff today. Okay. Before we dive in one of the things that kept coming up for me, when I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about today, and all the points that I wanted to cover is I kept on getting this image in my mind of Instagram ads that come up and say like, these are the type of post by this, by this $27 program.

And I’ll share captions with you that help you sign more clients and, and viral Instagram posts. And. All, all this kind of stuff like this. The, the thought that a specific type of Instagram post or a specific type of caption or a specific way of doing your call to action, your CTA or certain words or psychological tricks and hacks.

Of how to get more coaching clients and how to basically like make an Instagram post and then have that Instagram post be the reason that someone signs up for working with you. And I’m gonna tell you right now, it doesn’t work like that. There is no, no reality where you just post a post on Instagram Ram and that.

Specific post is the thing that gets someone to work with you that has someone sign up with you. It’s not about the post and I’m gonna go more into this a little bit later, but it is not about the post. It is not about the words you use. It’s about the energy behind it. You, it can make a post on Instagram and then get a client from that, but it wasn’t the post that did it.

It was your energy. Behind it. And that’s gonna go for every single thing that I talk about today. I’m gonna tell you a few tips, but it’s not that specific thing. That’s going to make people sign up with you. It’s going to be the energy behind it. Your thoughts and beliefs behind you taking the action.

It’s never the action that gets the client to sign up with you. It’s the energy behind it.  so I really hope that that’s making sense, cuz I’ve said it a bunch of different ways by now. And we’re gonna go deeper into this as I go on because it is the main thread through everything. The first thing that I wanna say, that’s gonna help you sign more coaching clients is hire a life coach so that you can experience what you are going to sell.

If you’ve never worked with a life coach before or a coach, then. Working with a coach is going to help you tremendously because you are going to experience the benefits and value of coaching, which is going to allow you to talk about it and share about coaching from a place of integrity and a place of 100% belief and confidence that the thing that you do actually truly.

Can help people because you’ve experienced it for yourself. Most people have most life coaches have experienced some type of coaching. There is a difference between consulting and mentoring and coaching. Coaching is on the mind consulting and mentoring is on the external thinks their strategies, their actions, the doing coaching is on the being.

So maybe you’ve experienced. Mentoring and consulting, or maybe you’ve experienced a mix of both. And that’s totally fine. What I want to suggest is that you, somewhere in the mix there, get coaching, get coaching on your mind so you can experience the transformation and the shifts of.  coached being coached on your mind on your thoughts and beliefs, not just your actions, because the actions, aren’t what create the results.

It’s the thoughts and beliefs that you have the energy behind it. And when you can experience the transformation, the mindset shifts of coaching, of someone, questioning your thoughts on someone, questioning your beliefs on someone, pointing out your blind spots on someone. Helping you shift your perspective on how something can be different to the way that you thought it was that is going to, because that’s what the transformation comes from that is going to help you sell coaching.

So easily, so easily. Every time I have an experience with coaching that is super powerful. I’m like, fuck, fuck everyone. Who’s a fucking coach. Like I could talk about coaching all day long to anyone because I have had so many powerful experiences from coaching. I just had a client yesterday, sign a pay in full client because we had a super powerful coaching session the other day.

we did some work on money and we did some NLP staff. We did some shifts and she left that coaching session. She messaged me after and said she felt so much better, so much more aligned that allowed her to get her mind on track. She had powerful shifts that helped her, and she had a powerful coaching session which helped her get it behind coaching.

See the value of coaching experience, the value of coaching, and then take that to someone else and share that with someone else, share that possibility of an amazing transformation, an an amazing shift with someone else so that someone else can get that in their life too. And when you experience coaching, when you have a coach that can help you, you get to experience what you’ll be selling.

Cuz that kind of, for me, that seems like that’s an integrity thing for me. Maybe not for everyone, but that’s personally what it is for me, but you get to experience what you’re selling. So you know what you’re selling and just learning the skills of coaching. Isn’t the same as experiencing coaching. And this is a huge part of the associate coach certification, because I want every single student that through to fully fully 100000000% be sold on the value of coaching.

They’re gonna learn the coaching skills. That’s the first part. Then they’re going to. Get coached because that’s going to help them sell coaching. That is gonna be one of the main things that helps my students leave and finish and graduate their certification with an already thriving coaching business is because they’re gonna get coached and they’re gonna know the value of coaching.

They’re gonna have experienced massive shifts and transformation for themselves already while they’re in the course. And then the third part of the program is to coach other people. So obviously they’re gonna have experiencing in coaching people too, which is going to increase their confidence in coaching as well, because they’ll see the experie they’ll see the shift in other people.

So that’s the first thing that I wanted to talk about when it comes to signing more coaching in clients, having the full belief in coaching, in the value of coaching by experiencing it for yourself is going to help you massively.  so that’s gonna, that’s part of a, that’s a being one. Now I’m gonna talk about a, a, doing a thing that you need to do, but again, the energy and the thoughts behind this.

Are what is going to make the doing effective or ineffective, this doing needs to happen. It has to happen. You have to do things, but who you be when you do the thing is the difference. The determining factor between something being ineffective or effective. Reaching your goal or not reaching your goal.

And either one is fine not reaching your goal is fine. It’s still a learning experience because then you can go back and ask yourself who was I being in that moment? Who was I being when I did that thing? Okay. So this thing is have more conversations, the whole point of, of podcasts, the whole point of Instagram, post of email list of.

Complex funnels that you don’t even know what they are of networking of all of these things. The point of all of these convoluted things that you think that you need to have in place to have a successful coaching business is to have more conversations with people. You need to talk to people in order to even tell them that you’re a coach.

You need to have more conversations with people. This is one of the things that I prioritize for myself and, and it’s one of the things that I work on with my clients as well. So although the things that I’m sharing with you today are things that I actually still actively do because I am a business owner and this is how you grow a business.

So I’m not just telling you things that I don’t do that I think are nice. I do these things. I’m in the trenches. I’m doing these things because I’m not settling for just however many people can find me on Instagram. I’m out there talking to as many people as possible because the more people I talk to, the more people know about the creative coach method, the more people know that know about the creative coach method.

The more coaches become coach. The more coaches that become coaches, the more people out in the world can get. Coaching. So it’s a trickle down effect. So the point here is have more conversations, talk to more people. So what you’re gonna do is brainstorm all of the ways that you can connect with people who don’t know you yet.

I’m gonna give you some examples. Now you can do all of these if you want, but I don’t want you to get caught up in the idea that you have to be doing so many things to talk to so many different people, choose one of the things or come up with your own idea. Choose the one that. Enjoy the most, the one that sounds the most fun to you and the one that is gonna be the, the path of least resistance for you, the one that you don’t have to.

do a lot of mindset work to get behind because I don’t want you wasting time getting, trying to get your thoughts on board with doing something. If you’re not excited to do it, and it’s gonna take you a long time, choose the one that you enjoy the most and the one that’s the path of least resistance. So some examples for you are.

Pitching to go on podcasts. So pitch to go on other people’s podcasts. That’s a great resource for you to potentially find people or for people to find you that don’t know you yet, that you don’t know yet. Getting in front of other people’s audiences is a great way to meet a whole lot of new people to have conversations with new people.

another idea is Instagram live collab. So you do an Instagram, Instagram live with someone else. And in this way, you get to share each other’s audiences because the notification that live is happening goes on both. Accounts. So you can both promote it. You can both share about it. Only one of you gets to actually keep the recording.

The one who actually started the live. That’s the only account that actually gets to keep the recording, but it’s still great. You can download it and share it. Another idea is networking events. So now that the world is starting to open up some more, I’m pretty sure it is in where I live in Mexico.

Like. It, the world is fully open. Like it’s like literally, like nothing is going on here. I it’s. The world is back to normal here. So in my mind, the rest of the world should also be opening up. I don’t follow the news or, or Instagram. So I don’t really know, but now that I’m pretty sure the world is opening up in a lot of different places.

You can go to in-person networking events and you can go to them online. I’ve been doing it online. You can go to event bright and you can find networking events and go to these things with the intention of meeting new people. We’re going back to who you’re being, when you do the thing. If you go into these conversations with the idea of I’ve gotta meet people so I can sign more clients and does this person wanna work with me?

And does this person wanna work with me? Maybe they’re gonna tell. And maybe if you are doing that, if you are coming at from a place of what am I gonna get, it’s not gonna work. It’s not gonna work. Go to these things. Do these things have these conversations. With the mindset, the thought, the belief that you’re meeting new people and you’re gonna give to them, you’re gonna just learn about someone else.

You’re just gonna talk to people. You’re gonna practice your conversation skills. You’re gonna practice leading a conversation. You’re gonna practice listening. You’re gonna practice whatever you’re gonna practice. Okay. It doesn’t have to be about it. Shouldn’t be about what you’re gonna get from the situation.

The next one is a workshop or a webinar. You can ask other people in your audience to promote it. You can ask friends and family to promote it. You can, if you have the means, you can do ads. You don’t have to do ads, but that’s a possibility you can go on other people’s podcast and tell them that you have a, a workshop coming up.

You can in Facebook groups, this is another one you. Some people like Facebook, I’m not, I just don’t use Facebook, but a lot of people do. And a lot of people are in Facebook groups and people are finding them that way. Again, this is another thing that, that you need to come at this from a place of what can you give?

Not what can I get, cuz people will smell that and they’re not interested. Another way you can have more conversations with people is by running ads, more people can find you through ads. I do a little bit of ads at the moment. At certain times I increase the ads that I run it’s in and this, because this one is paid.

I don’t want you to think that you have to do ads. You absolutely do not have to do ads, especially for yourself. Instagram and Facebook ads are like, A lot to learn. So it’s not something to just dive into and, and try and figure out on your own. You definitely can, but it’s like, it’s not a quick fix. I’m gonna put it that way.

If you’re thinking that ads are gonna be a quick fix, they are not another one is. Referrals another way to have more conversations. Another way to have more people find out about who you are is by getting referrals. And the way that you can get referrals is by one coaching as meet as many people as possible.

And then those people will tell other people, how do you coach as many people as possible?  whatever you need to do to coach as many people as possible. If you need to have a really a, a low cost coaching offer for just a few people to start with like, whatever price you wanna put it at and say, it’s just gonna be this price for the first 10 people who join.

I, and I don’t mean like, go on Instagram and say, it’s gonna be this price for the first 10 people, but it, you can, you can set yourself those boundaries of, okay, I’m gonna have a low cost offer so that I can coach as many people as possible. And. Then hopefully they have a really great experience and then they’ll share their experience with other people your priority when you are coaching, when you are working with clients, especially if you are a new coach is to coach as many people as possible.

And this is something I say all the time and. I will keep saying it all the time is you need to coach as many people as possible so that you can get practice coaching so that you can know on a deeper level, the experience and the benefits and the value of coaching, because you have coached people and you see that your coaching.

Is transformational. It helps people actually achieve their goals and it does get results. So you build your confidence and you want to make money. Obviously we, if you’re doing coaching as a career, you need to make money from it. And at the beginning, if you’re making less money, then that’s, that’s a fine, like if you have to start coach and at the beginning,  make a little bit less money to actually build your business and practice and get confidence, then that’s okay.

That is so much better than charging $10,000 straight off the bat, and actually having no clients and not making any money, do what you need to, to help people and make money at the same time.  and do this for the experience for the confidence, not just so that you can make money. Who are you being when you’re doing these things?

Right. Always thinking about that. Am I doing this? Just because I wanna make money just because I wanna buy a handbag just because I have this income goal, just because I wanna go on this vacation or are you doing it to help people, to actually coach people and help people? I am on fire today. There’s a reason that I had to put off recording this episode is, and it’s because I’m on fire.

We’ve only talked about one point so far. We’ve got some more to go. So the second point is invite people in and actually make office. So if you are talking to people, you’re having conversations with people. Are you actually telling people that. You can help them. Do people know that you’re a coach and that you can help them?

Or are you just trying to sound good and look good on social media? Honestly, this is, I, I wish I had known this. So much earlier because I was on my Instagram stories being like, I, I am doing this. I am a coach mindset, tip this, oh, look at how you can just change your perspective and, and making Instagram posts about mindset, shift and quotes and like things that sounded nice.

And pictures of me being so happy or like whatever it was like, I see this all the time. And I did it too. And I just didn’t make offers. If you wanna actually sign clients, you need to let people know you can help them and ask if they would like your help. And that’s, it honestly is as straightforward as that.

That’s what you do. You need to, if you have a coaching program, if you have a course, you can’t just say I have this course. I have it. It’s here. Oh, this is my group program. This is my crutching program. You need to say, Hey, I have a course, I have this thing that can help you. Would you like me to help you with this?

We can do this, this and this. This is the results that you can expect at the end. Would you like me to help you achieve those results? It needs to be. As straightforward and simple as that. And I think this is where most people get tripped up because they are afraid to actually sell. They’re afraid to say, I have this thing.

Would you like to join? Would you like to work with me? Would you like this, but I want you to consider how does it negatively affect people when you don’t make offers to help them? What do they not get? When you don’t offer to help them, how are your potential clients negatively impacted when you don’t offer to help them with your coaching program, with your course on the thing that they want help with?

The thing that they are looking for help with, you’re not twisting people’s arms when they work with you. If someone wants to work with you, that’s up for them. Up to them. Don’t make decisions in advance for people by saying to yourself, they don’t want it. It’s not gonna work for them. They don’t even want coaching.

They don’t need this. Don’t make decisions for people in advance. Okay. If you have a coaching program, if you have something that can help people, people want it. If someone wants to sign up for your coaching program. Let them let people sign up for your coaching, tell them that it’s available to them, offer to work with them and let them sign up.

I think a lot of people are missing that point. They’re literally just not letting people make decisions for them selves to hire you as their coach. Stop doing that. Stop doing that. Stop making decisions for people in advance. How does it negatively affect people when you don’t make offers to help them?

Now we’re gonna talk about, we’re gonna go back to a little bit about what I said earlier about the doing versus the being the doing is the least important part you can and do all the same things as the person standing next to you. But if your being is different, you’re going to get different results.

When I talk about being, this is the thoughts and beliefs that you have. This is the energy behind what you do. It’s your energy, your thoughts, your beliefs. I really hope that’s clear. Thoughts beliefs energy. I can’t say it any other different way. I’ve said it all the ways now. So when we’re talking about the being who you are being, when you’re doing the thing, this is, how do you think about your offer?

What do you, what thoughts do you actually have about offer? Do you think that your offer that your coaching, that your course is. A fucking hell. Yes. It’s the best thing that you ever created. It’s the thing that’s gonna help change people’s lives. Do you fully believe that? Or do you have some thoughts?

Like, mm, I don’t know if it’s gonna work. Is this really what people need? Is this enough? Am I good enough to do this? I really want you to think about the thoughts you have about your offer. And I have to do this too. When I create new offers. It, it happens. It happens. It happens to everyone. This isn’t like, you get to some point in your career and you’re like, oh, I’m good.

I’m I just, everything I do is amazing. Like our brain does this on purpose. Our brain does this. Everyone’s brain does this. So you need to catch them. I’m at the point where I can these thoughts and, and notice, oh, my brain is just saying to me right now, is this offer? Good enough? Am I teaching enough? And I have to notice when I do that, because that thought does not serve me.

And it does not serve my potential students, because if I have the thought, is this enough, then I’m gonna hold back until I think it’s enough when, who knows when that could be. And then my potential students don’t get helped their clients then also won’t get helped. So that thought doesn’t serve me to think at all, what a, an empowering thought would be is every single thing in this course is amazing.

It’s exactly what they need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. How do you think about your are coaching? How do you think about your coaching skills? What do you think about your pricing? Do you think it’s too high people won’t pay that? No one, no one has the kind of has that money. No one pays for coaching.

No one wants coaching. What thoughts do you have about your potential clients that they can’t pay, that they don’t want to pay? You really, really need to pay attention to. The thoughts that you have when you’re doing the things, and this is where self coaching or hiring a life coach and working with a coach is going to help you or where joining the creative coach method, a cert associate coach certification is gonna help you because we literally have coaching built into the course.

You learn how to be a coach. You get coached. We have live coaching calls where you can come to the call and get coaching on the call, or you can get coaching via seeing other people get coached. And we also have 24 7 coaching where you can access the online form. You can share what you need, coaching on the thoughts that you’re having, the, that you’re having, what’s coming up for you.

And we will coach you on that. There is literal coaching built into the course. You also will practice your coaching skills with other students. So you’ll have to actually be the coach and get coached that way as well. So there’s three, three different ways to. Get coached probably more, three different ways to get coached in the creative coach method, associate coach certification, because that’s how important this is.

I made it a huge aspect of this course, because I didn’t want your thoughts, your beliefs getting in way of you actually. Being a coach and working with clients while you’re in the course, it’s that important. Getting coached on your own shit is so important because of all of these things. Because if you’re thinking that people don’t wanna pay for your offer, it’s not good enough.

There’s not enough in there. People don’t even want coaching you. I is too high. If you are. If that’s what’s going on for you, you need to do work around that because no amount of posting on Instagram of pitching to podcasts of recording your own podcast is going to work. None of it will work. People will pick up on their energy.

People don’t want to work with a coach whose energy is desperate or bored or afraid or worried, or if they get on a call with a. A coach, a discovery call sales, call consult, whatever you wanna call. If they get on a call with a coach who is thinking, oh, I think my price is too high. Like then the client is gonna think that too.

So you need to do this is gonna be the most important part. The being the thoughts and beliefs. That you have when you are having conversations, people with people, when you are telling people you are a coach, when you are offering to help people, when you are getting on your discovery calls, when you are making posts on Instagram, when you are recording your podcast, episodes, all of this is so important.

It’s the being, it’s the being. It’s the thoughts and beliefs. Oh my gosh. I’m losing my voice. That’s how into this? I am. It’s the thoughts and beliefs that you have when you’re doing it? And you could even practice this. If you don’t believe me, if you don’t believe me right now, practice for one day, just practice for one day, catching your thoughts and intentionally before you make a post, before you create a post, before you record a podcast, before you record a story, before you get into sales call, I want you to assess the thoughts that you’re having.

Choose positive, empowering ones that are going to help both you and your client, and then see what the results are, see what the results are for yourself and see what the results are for your clients and your potential clients and all the people in your audience. All right. So let’s go over this again.

How to sign more coaching clients. We remember that it’s not about posting a specific type of Instagram post or, or CTA, or the words that you say. Okay. It’s all about who you’re being. When you do these things, hire a life coach experience. What it is that you are going to be selling, have more conversations with people, collaborate with people, brainstorm all the ways that you can connect with people who that don’t know who you are yet in invite people in to your world and offer to help them share your coaching programs, your courses, and actually.

Ask people to participate, ask them to participate. Don’t be afraid. Think about how does it negatively affect people when you don’t make offers to help them. And then finally the doing is the least important part. It’s all, it all comes down to who you’re being, the thoughts and beliefs that you are having when you’re doing it.

That’s why coaching with another coach and self coaching every single day, every single moment. All the things that you’re doing is so important. And if you want extra coaching, you want coaching while you are learning while you are building your business, come and join us in the associate coach certification.

Coaching is literally built into the program. We are going to coach you while you learn. You’re going to learn how to be a coach. You’re going to get coached and you’re going to experience being a coach. You’re gonna practice your coaching. It’s all built into the course so you can find the details. I’ll leave them in the show notes.

If you had to created mind waitlist, you’ll find it in there. We are opening up actually being able to join the course very soon. The sales page will, all of the information on the course will be up a few days after this episode goes live. So I will update the show notes when the sales page goes up, I’ll put it in the show notes.

So if you are listening to it like a week later or something, you’ll have the links in there already, but you can also just head tore and. Go and play there. There’s you can sign up for our free training that we have. We have lots of other podcast episodes. You can learn about our other certifications, but that’s it.

All right. So this episode. Another fire episode. I only had to pause like once because Paco barked and then once cuz I was like losing my voice already, but what a fire episode? Just going straight through this one. All right. I hope you enjoyed this one. Please. Let me know. You can head over to

Let me know that you are listening. Don’t forget to tag me if you do she air that you’re listening to this episode so I can see you and share it. As well, and I will catch you next week for another fire episode. I’m sure.

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