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How to know if a course or coaching is worth the investment

I know how it feels to want to invest in yourself or your business, but hesitate because it feels risky. IN this episode I’m sharing 6 things you can look into to decide if a course or coaching program will be worth the investment.

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Hello, and welcome to this episode of the, of course you did the podcast. I am your host, Brooke Alexander. And I have a really fun episode. I’m excited to talk about this topic today because I think it’s a really important one.

And it’s important that you. You know what to look for and what to think about when it comes to. Investing in a course or a coaching program, because I know how risky it can feel when it comes to making an investment and wondering if it’s going to actually be worth the money that you are going to put forward.

So I’m going to cover a whole bunch of things. We’re going to talk about things that. To look for in that actual course or coaching program. And then we’re also going to look at it from a perspective of what do you need to be looking at in yourself. So there are definitely two different sides to it.

Before I dive into that, I just want to talk about a little idea. That I have for future episodes of the podcast. Something I love with coaching is the ability to be able to support as many people as possible and to help as many people as possible. And because a lot of my focus and energy and time. That I put into getting in front of as many people as possible comes in the form of the podcast and a lot less on Instagram than it used to be.

I want to use the podcast to its fullest capacity and experiment with new and fun ways to connect with the people who listen. So in the future, we will be doing. Podcast coaching episodes. So it’s literally going to be me coaching you on the podcast so you can apply to have a laser coaching session on the podcast.

I’m going to link the, leave, the link to the application. In the show notes. So if you are interested in being coached by me, it’s going to be, like I said, a laser coaching session, 20 to 30 minutes, max, on one specific thing that has to do with your coaching business, it could be. Your thoughts, mindset that you have maybe stuff about your actual offers.

So your actual course or coaching program and the details of that, it could be about making offers. So this is actually the thing that you do to get in front of people and talk about slash promote slash sell your actual course or coaching program. It could be some business strategy stuff, whatever it is, as it relates to.

Coaching and your coaching visit. It could even be questions about what to do in client session. Questions about client sessions, thoughts you have about client sessions, stuff like that. So I’m really excited for this. We have some already planned on the way. If you would like to be coached on the podcast, you can head to the link that’s in the description of the show notes here, and you can apply.

So that is, that’s it for. I’m going to dive into it. I feel like I’ve already had a really busy day today. We’re moving back to Canada in four weeks. Oh my gosh. Yeah, literally four weeks from today. And I’m trying to secure an apartment from Mexico so that we have something there when we get back. And it’s finding a place that accepts dogs and has parking and has a washer dryer in the unit.

That is something that I really, I just don’t know that I can budge on now, living in Mexico and not having a washing machine at all is quite challenging. And I don’t think I want to keep, I don’t want to keep doing that. So yeah. My morning has been filled with, um, viewing apartments via FaceTime and applying and doing stuff like that.

But I’m excited to get into this episode, as I mentioned. We’re going to be talking about things from two different perspectives, from the perspective of what the course actually entails and the details of the cost, the offer, et cetera, and then some things for yourself. But before you’re even. Thinking about making an investment in a course or coaching program, there are some, there’s some ground work that you need to do for yourself to even find the right thing for you.

So this is before you even start looking for a course or coaching program, this is. Bef before you’re even out there, you got to do the groundwork for yourself. So the first thing that you’re going to do is you need to figure out how you’re going to determine success for your self. So you probably already know what you want to achieve.

Maybe you want to sign more coaching clients, so you need to figure out what. Success will be for you in terms of signing more coaching clients. Because some people say, we’ll say, okay, signing one client will be a success and another person’s version of success when it comes to signing, clients might be recurring.

10 K months and a consistent flow of leads. So you really need to figure out what that’s going to look like for you, because it’s not fair to you or to the course or coaching program that you sign up for. If you don’t know what a win will look like for you at the end, only you can decide that. And that’s going to help determine if the.

Investment is worth it to you. And, and when it’s all said and done for you to look back on it and to say that was worth it, because you’re going to need to compare that to what the course or coaching program is actually offering. Because if the coach, because a coaching program is offering to help you sign your first client and you want consisting 10 came on.

If you sign up for that course, you’re most likely going to be disappointed because that’s not the point of that course or coaching program, and that’s not fair to you or the person that is leading it facilitating. So you really have to think about what is the end result for me, if it has to do with marketing or any, any type of coaching, anything you really need to figure out what the.

Is that you desire and what you will determine. As success because that’s gonna be the first step in, actually, whatever it is that you sign up for. The second thing that you need to do is determine what’s going to be the benefit for you, of obtaining that result in all areas of your life. So going back to our signing a coach.

Client example, what’s going to be the benefit of you signing a coaching client in all areas of your life. How will all the areas of your life improve? How will your financial life, how will your relationships, how will your career all let’s think of the wheel of life. And you can go through the of wheel of life.

How will each of these areas of my life improve when I achieve this result? Well, how are all of these other areas of my life going to be impacted and also think about what’s going to be possible once you achieve that result, that wasn’t possible before. And you can do the wheel of life again and say, okay, what’s possible.

What’s going to be possible in my relationship. Once I achieve this result that wasn’t possible before. Maybe if it has something to do with making more money, if that’s going to be your result, then maybe the impact on your relationships is that you can go on more dates. Maybe you can go on a vacation with your person or your family or by yourself, or with your friends or whatever.

So think about what’s possible. Now that you’ve achieved, that desired result, you can even go there in the future. This is something that I love doing and something that I learned from NLP, and we actually have a lot of NLP and quantum time release techniques that actually help you go to a time in the future in your mind.

So you can really, really live the result as though it’s right now. And it shifts some major. Some major, some subconscious stuff to help you fully believe and integrate and embody that future moment now so that it comes so much easier to take action to actually get the results. For that specific thing.

That’s beside the point. What I am saying here is you can do it right now, go out to that time in the future that you have achieved that result and think about how your life is different and what things are possible now that weren’t possible before you achieved that result. And the third thing that you need to think about before you’re even considering.

What course or coaching program to sign up for is that results come from investing, not just money, but also time and commitment, just because you paid for something that doesn’t guarantee results, just because you paid a coach or you paid for, uh, uh, an online course that doesn’t guarantee the results that I used to actually think of that like, actually.

No joke. That is the mindset that I had. I’ll just sign up for this thing and I will just pay for this thing. And that will mean somehow magically I will get the results, whether it means magically that I am going to be and feel and do different because I paid for it. It just doesn’t actually work that way because it’s not just the monetary, the financial investment.

That is required to get results. You have to also be willing to commit and invest your time, and you have to be willing to invest in your own personal commitment to taking action and doing the works, doing the work be at cause. So are you willing to. Trust the person that you’re learning from and to be coachable and to actually be responsible for the results that you get.

This is a really important thing. Are you willing to be coachable? This is going to determine the results that you get tremendously. This is going to be a huge, huge determining factor. The type of results that you get anywhere in your life is how coachable you actually are. And I think as coaches, we often don’t think about if we are, even if we are coachable or how coachable we actually are or what it means for us to be coachable as well.

We just think about what we expect from our clients and what they expect from us in terms of the actual. Coach perspective, but we don’t even think for ourselves. Okay. A lot of coaches don’t think for themselves, what do I need to be coachable? Am I actually coachable? Because you’re going to have to be self-coaching yourself.

And if you’re working with a coach, you’re going to have to be coachable there as well. So something else that you need to think about in this umbrella of investing and results. What are the results that the, the course or coaching program is promising or guaranteeing or saying, and is this actually what you need, or are you doing it out of FOMO or desperation, or because you just think that you need this thing, do you think that the course or coaching program is responsible for your results?

Are you going to be. What’s the word I’m trying to think of here, like projecting the responsibility for your results on to the course or coaching program. I know this happens a lot and it goes back to what I was just saying about how we sometimes, and this is what I did think that. Because we signed up and paid for a thing that we are guaranteed or entitled to result and the responsibility for those results full onto the course or coach that we’re working with.

And that is just not the case. That is not the case at all. If you, oh, what’s the word I’m trying to think of? Oh my gosh. I literally was just thinking about this. Would the other day outsource. That’s the word I’m trying to think of. If you outsource their responsibility for your results to someone or something else you’re giving away your power and you’re giving away your ability to actually achieve results.

Because if you don’t achieve the results, you’re going to blame that thing that you, that external thing. And then once you start doing that, then you have no ability to change it because you have no ability to change someone else or some things. So if you’re blaming someone or something else for your results that you got or results that you didn’t get, then you have no power to get anything different.

And finally, the last thing that I just want to say here is, do you actually believe you’re capable of achieving those results of doing the work and achieving those results? Because if you don’t think your capable. Um, let’s say it’s signing your first coaching client. If you don’t think you’re capable of that, then though, no matter what you sign up for this amount, whatever amount of strategy that you do, work, that you do action, that you take won’t work because your thoughts will not be aligned with the results.

If your thoughts are telling you that you’re not capable, it’s not going to work. It’s, you’re not that kind of person, then you’re not going to get the results. And this is actually. Can kind of tie into what to look for in a course or coaching program. Is there actual support for these kinds of things? I think I have that in my notes, but I’m pretty sure I have that in my notes.

So I’m not going to talk about it right now. We’ll just dive in. Okay. So the actual things to look for when you’re trying to decide if a course or coaching program is worth the investment, the first thing to do is. If you can speak to the creators, speak to the facilitators, speak to the person who created the course or the coaching program who is leading the training, the person who is in charge.

Now I know there are a lot of people who are. Who are coaches and they don’t do their consultation calls. They don’t speak to people in DMS. They don’t do the talking to the people and that’s fine if that’s where they’re at and they don’t have the capacity to. Um, but if you can. Speak to them, get to know them, get to know their personality, their values, their lifestyle.

Does this align with you? Can you, can you talk to them directly or do you just get a salesperson and not to say that there’s anything wrong with sales people? This is totally fine, but are you okay with that? Are you okay with. Speaking to a salesperson and not having access to the coach or the course creator.

Um, or is that important for you? What’s the person’s energy life. What the person that is leading at what’s their energy, like, how do they communicate? How do they show up? And does that align with you? How do they run their business? How do they do the thing that you are trying to learn about from. Them.

And is that the way that you would like to do things if they told you to run your business or do the thing that they’re trying to teach you that they do in the exact same way that they do it? Would you be okay with that? There are a few coaches that I can think of that. Our business coaches that I see, the way that they run their business and the way that they show up and even the way that they talk about things and kind of the language that they use.

And they’re great people, but it’s not the way. I want to do things in my business. Maybe a lot of them are more, uh, more spiritual and kind of intuitive and flowy and that’s all well, and good. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not how I operate in the world. And that’s not how I’ve had the vision that I have for my business.

So I wouldn’t work with that person. I wouldn’t work with. Them and have them teach me their ways, because that’s not how I want to do things. I personally prefer people who are more structured and systematize and have strategies. And, uh, I can, it’s not kind of, what’s the word? Woo. And kind of. It’s serial language.

I just like, this is how it is. This is why we’re doing, this is why we’re doing it. We get it done. And it’s, it definitely is a more masculine vibe, but that works for me. That is what works for me. So get to know the person that you want to work with. And is that the way that you would want to run your business, that their values align with you?

Does their lifestyle align with you? Another thing is to what to think about what value proposition, what value prop do they lead with? This is something that I’m going to just say overall is if they sell by. Telling you how much money they’ve made and saying, oh, you should sign up with me because I’ve made X amount of dollars and I’ve made this much money and look how much money I have.

And I have this much money and I have all of these handbags and I have these cars hoping that that’s going to bring up FOMO in you and get you to choose them. I’m going to say like, this is just a red flag. There’s nothing wrong with actually talking about how much money people make. I find it quite expanding for other to see how much money other people are making.

And when they’re making lots, I love when people make a lot of money. I love hearing about how people make a lot of money and the different ways that they’ve done it and the different ways that they spend the money that they make. There’s no problem with that, but if that’s the only thing that they’re leading with, and they’re not leading with the.

The other kind of stuff like the value, uh, and what they’re teaching. And just hoping that by talking about how much money they make, that’s going to be enough to convince you to trust them enough, to work with them. That’s a red flag for me. The second thing that you can do is think about the way that you love.

Best we have all different types of lenses, their visual auditory, kinesthetic learners, people learn in a variety of different ways. So what kind of support do you need to implement what you’re learning or the coaching that you’re getting? Does the cost offer learnings in a variety of ways? So for example, in the created coach method, we have.

Live cold, where people come to the live calls and we can have discussions and talk about things and people can ask questions. A lot of the core trainings are done through. So there’s slides with audio and pictures for people who learn that way. We have a practitioner manual for the NLP and hypnosis and quantum time release course, because it’s a lot of information.

We actually have a book that people get mailed to their house so that they can go through. All of the content and read it. And it’s all written down on pages. They can take notes. We also have demonstrations, which is really, really helpful. So there are demonstrations of each techniques of, of the techniques, coaching sessions of all the different stuff with me at the end of each one, breaking down and saying, okay, this is what happened in.

Demonstration. This is what you saw. This is why I said this. This is why I did this. So we cover a lot of the different learning styles. It’s really, really important because people learn differently. So think about how you learn. And if you can ask the person who created the course or coaching program, if, if that’s going to be good for you, if they’re, if they cover.

Also find out what kind of support there is. If you have questions, because questions will undoubtedly come up. And so you want to know what kind of support there is for credit coach. For example, we have, you can ask questions on the weekly calls. We have ASCA coach, which is 24 7 coaching. You can literally go to the page in the course platform.

You can type in your question and you will get coached. Back so you can do it there. We have so many ways we have, um, uh, viably group, which is kind of like a Facebook group, but way better where people, the students come and ask their questions in there. So find out what kind of support there is for them.

Sense, but also find out what kind of support there is when you’re want to give up. When it gets hard, when you want to quit, when you aren’t taking that action to keep going, what kind of support is there for you? In that case now, remembering that you are responsible for your results. So it’s not the course or coaching programs, responsibility to convince you not to quit or give up or to keep going.

But what kind of support is there? For that maybe those times when you don’t think you’re capable and that you can’t get the results, is there support for that? And not all courses and coaching programs will have this. Some don’t know that it even is a requirement. Oh, I don’t want to say requirement, but some don’t maybe understand the importance and some are just like, this is just not what we cover.

We cover business strategy and the rest is on you mindset stuff. That’s on you. And that’s totally okay. But this is a thing to look out for. I’m sharing all the things that you can look out for. And this is another one. If that’s important to you than it is, if it’s not important to you, then you don’t need to worry.

But the second one here, the main part is think about the way that you learn best. So another way that you can find out if a course or coaching program is going to be worth, the actual investment is to see if there are testimonials and go through the testimonials actually listened to them. I love testimonials.

I think the way that I have signed up for pretty much. Um, most of my courses and coaching programs has been through testimonials has literally been through reading the testimonials, watching the testimonials and getting so fired up because it’s so expanding for me to see the other people that have gone through the course and I can relate to them and I can see where they were and where they are now.

And I love it. So if you can go through the course websites, a sales page, uh, the LinkedIn, the Instagram. You can connect with the course creator the coach, the actual coach, and see if they have testimonials. Um, you can even try and find the people who have given the testimonials and have a look at their stuff and see what they are doing.

Now, the thing here is with testimonials. Again, people, people do lots of different things. Once they go through a course or coaching program, they can completely pivot and do something else. As I’ve mentioned so many times before the course or coaching program, isn’t responsible for your success. So I don’t want you to like go through testimonials and then think, oh, well the cost made all these other people successful.

So then if. I’m going to be successful too. You still need to take responsibility. And just because a course has had a lot of successful people, like go through it and have success. If you’re not being responsible for your own results, then you’re not going to achieve the same thing. All right, now we’re going to dive into the aspects to look out for in yourself, the personal things that are going to help you.

Feel good about the investments and decisions you made. Because part of an investment being worth, it is also what you put into it. It’s just, it’s not just what the course or coaching program offers. That’s only half of it. You have to meet them halfway and you have to be willing to look at yourself and what you’re bringing to the table in terms of making it worth it.

How are you going to make. Worth it a few years ago, I did a personal development seminar. And I’ve talked about this before in other situations, maybe on past podcasts, but I did a personal development seminar and I was really excited for this three-day seminar. I had known some people that had already gone through it and.

It is the, the leader, the person who leads the seminar, that is what makes this seminar. They bring the energy. It’s really all comes down to the leader. And I was like, awesome. I’m so excited. So I get to the seminar and we have this leader who I had heard of heard his amazing, great leader. And then there was someone else there and there was another leader in training.

And it turns out that it was the leader in training who was going to lead this one. And I was really disappointed because, um, her energy was maybe a little lacking confidence. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. And I was disappointed. And a few, maybe like half way through the first day, I just kind of had this epiphany of like, no, I’m not going to.

Something external to me determine what I get from something I am going to make this the most transformational experience I have ever had in my life. Whatever I get is what I got. And whatever I got is exactly what I came for, whatever experience I have was exactly perfect for me. And since that moment, I have had that perspective on everything.

And that was the most transformational three days I’ve had probably in my life so far, I’m even like getting emotional right now, thinking about. What that was for me. And I’m so excited that the world is opening up again, because I am going to do it all over again. It was that transformational and you get to do the same thing.

You get to decide that you’re going to get what you came for. No matter what you get to decide that whatever happens. Whatever you get from a course or coaching program is exactly right. And I have even invested in a few, a lot of courses and coaching programs since. And there were some that I look back on now and I’m like, ah, I don’t, I don’t think that I really got anything from that, but I have caught myself and I’m able to actually say, okay, well, if I don’t think that I got what I came for, or that I got anything from that, how am I responsible for that?

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe my thoughts, my perspectives about the course. Aligned enough for me to. More from it to get what I thought I should get. It’s about me changing my perspective on that course to say, okay, well, it’s in there. The person created it. I signed up for it. I’m going to view whatever it was as exactly what I needed and make the most of what it was rather than complain about it and be grumpy about it because that’s not good for anyone.

That’s not fun. For anyone that doesn’t feel good for me to think those things about something else. Instead, I want to feel excited about it and feel grateful for it that I got what I got from it and whatever I got from it. Really freaking amazing. Okay. So that was a little side note tangent there let’s dive into the three things that you’re going to do to think about for yourself, from your own personal perspective, when you’re deciding if a course or coaching program is worth it.

So you need to think about your ROI, your return on investment is this worth the time commitment and financial investments that are required is the results. Worth the time, the commitment and the financial investments that are required. So the time that you need to actually take to do the work, the commitment that you need to make to taking the action and to following through and the financial investment that is required to actually pay for it and get access to it, even when it gets really, really hard, will the result still.

Worth it, even when you’re going through the course or coaching and it feels uncomfortable and your breathing being stretched and fears coming up and doubt is coming up. And you’re being asked to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Will the results still be worth it because it’s very likely that you will get to a point where it feels too hot and you want to quit, but you have to keep going back to that result.

And is that result? Feeling uncomfortable for the next thing is how do you view spending money? Do you view it as though you’re losing the money and it’s gone now? It’s never coming back here. If you’ve spent it, it’s gone. I decided a few years ago. To view all of the money that I invested in courses and coaching as though I am putting it inside of me in the form of information that can be used to generate even more money.

So the same way that people invest in stocks, like when you invest in stocks, you put it in there, you don’t see the money. But it’s growing, you know, that it’s growing for the most part. It’s if you’ve made good investments, it’s growing over time and you’re getting more money from that smaller amount of money that you put in I’ve you investments the same way.

But for myself, I viewed them as though I have put it inside of me and maybe what it’s a thousand dollars. I put it inside of me, but that $1,000 that I’ve put inside of me in the form of information and. Mentorship and practice and skills has the potential now to generate even more, even more 10 times that it over time.

Like if you’re investing in yourself and your skills and your mindset and your personal development and your growth, the potential for the, a really good return on investment is very high there. Right? If you. $2,000 in yourself, but that has the ability over time to make you $10,000 one year $50,000, the next year, $150,000 the next year, like, think about how much that $2,000 has grown.

So how do you view spending money? Do you view it as, okay, well, the money’s gone now. Spent it’s I’ve gone. It’s gotten rid of, I it’s it’s wasted. Or do you view it as though I’m investing in myself and this has the potential to grow. Going back to the ROI, does this, this money has the potential to grow, right.

Okay. Now the lust thing. Oh my gosh, I love this one. I love this. The last thing that you need to do is to inverse the cost. So if you’re at a V debating making an investment or anything that you want to spend money on inverse the cost, are you willing to pay $2,000 to get the guidance and support to achieve your goals, the guidance and support to, to build your coaching business, you willing to spend $2,000 to learn how to be a good partner.

I, you. Willing to spend $2,000 to learn how to love yourself more, to get fit and healthy again, to whatever it is. Are you willing to pay it for example, $2,000 for that result to achieve your goals? Or are you willing to abandon your goals and not achieve the results in return for 2000? If I said to you, okay, well, I’ll give you $2,000.

You can either sign up for. The credit coach method. For example, for $2,000, the associate coach certification, you can sign up for the associate coach certification for $2,000. You can learn how to become a coach. You can get coached, you can get experienced coaching. Other people. You can have the support of a community.

You can have the support of a mentor and trainer. You can have demonstrations, you can have resources, you can have trainings. You can have all of this for $2,000 that has the potential to. Have your, you get your ROI to invest in yourself and continue to grow over time. Are you willing to do that or I’ll give you $2,000.

If you never, ever, you don’t achieve your goals. I’ll give you $2,000 to not achieve your results. You can achieve your results, but you’ll have $2,000. That’s it? No results, no goals achieved nothing. For $2,000 inverse the cost. Are you willing to do that? And this is, this is such a good thing to apply to so many different areas.

Like you can think about it in all the different areas. If you’re buying from. Think about it there, if you’re paying for your gym membership, think about it there. Okay. I love doing this because for me, I’m like, fuck, y’all invest $2,000. Think about in the long term, how, how much potential that has for return in terms of financial return, personal mindset return, all of these.

All right. That is it for today’s episode. Thank you so much for listening. If you want to learn more about the creative coach associate coach certification that I just talked about, that has all of the things that I just talked about in there. Learning how to be a coach. You learn how to be a coach. You get coached in.

And you coach other people. This is the kind of certification that no one else is offering. You can’t get this experience in terms of like coaching experience, but also all around experience in training and learning and growing as a coach, anywhere else I’ve specifically. Created this program so that it is unlike anything else that exists.

And it came from me learning how to be a coach and wishing I could get coached at the same time on the stuff that was coming up for me about what I was learning about. Building my coaching business about being a coach about working with clients and also getting the hands on practical experience at the exact same time.

Because when you do that, you get real world real time feedback on exactly what you’re doing so that you can graduate with an already thriving coaching business. There’s no messing about or doing it all in the course. I will leave the link for the associate coach certification down below and join us inside there.

I love it. I’m so excited. The course officially drops in one month from the date of release. It’s like I’ve, I should know this off the top of my head. I’m pretty sure it’s eight. Yeah. It’s April 25th because I booked my flight back to Canada on April 27th. And then afterwards realized probably not the best.

Plan, but that is okay. So join us inside. It is an epic, amazing coach certification course that I am obsessed with. And so. So excited to share it with you, because I know it’s going to help you and your clients. Okay. I’m going to stop rambling. I love you so much and I will catch you in our next episode.

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