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Get the idea. Try to make a plan and figure out all the steps. Do something and hope everything you planned works out exactly as you planned it.


Is this what you do?


It’s what most of us do. It’s what we’re taught to do. It seems like it should make sense.


Doing things this way is what held me back the most from taking action in my life and business. Well, that and caring what other people would think, but that’s a story for another time.


Do you let the planning stop you? Hold you back? Is thinking about what you want to do getting in the way of actually doing what you want to do? Thinking is not acting.


I was reading a book last night and the author was speaking about addiction being a repellant force. Not as is addicted to drugs, but addicted to thinking. Addicted to planning. Addicted to wanting. Addicted to desiring. Addicted to worrying. He was speaking about being addicted to money; thinking about it, worrying about it, wanting it. But this is the same for everything I think.


Are you addicted to planning? Is your addiction to planning and thinking and wishing and wanting repelling what you actually want? Repelling you from taking the next step and creating what you really want to create?


I realise I ask a lot of questions, but this is actually how I live in my head. I’m constantly asking myself questions to check in with myself and make sure I’m tuned in and in the right place. It’s a good practice I suggest you try if you don’t already.


So let’s talk about how to get over this addiction to thinking and planning.


If you can see all the steps, you’re not jumping far enough.

If you can see all the steps it means you’re travelling on the same path. You know what needs to be done which means it’s familiar.


Quantum leaping requires you to take a path you haven’t followed before. And this means you won’t know what steps are needed to get there.


Sounds scary, but it’s actually not. The process is as follows;


Ready: Figure out what the end looks like. The most exciting end. The big goal. This can evolve and reveal itself more and more over time. My big goal (making hypnosis mainstream and eventually being on TV to talk about it and personal development) came as a quick flash initially and has since become clearer.


Fire: Start doing things. Saying YES to opportunities. Surrendering (a post on this soon). Leaning into the fear. Following the fear. Facing the fear. Using fear as a guide rather than something to avoid. Doing things that are exciting. Taking action. Taking action every day. Moving the needle every day. Doing something that scares me every day. The only HOW I think of here is;


What can I do next that will get me further than the next “logical” step?

Aim: Figure out what worked. Figure out what didn’t work. Readjust. Realign. Make sure I’m connected to the vision. Get ready to fire again.


If you do things this way you will get further than you can imagine in a shorter period of time you thought was possible.


If you are consistently and constantly jumping it is impossible for you not to get results. It’s impossible for you not to jump into a new reality.


If you want different results you need to take action. Different action means you won’t know the steps. You’re not required to know the steps. You just need to hold the vision and make the jump.

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Ready, fire, aim.