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The biggest thing (well, one of the biggest things) that held me back for the longest time in my business was the idea of selling.


Who am I to create something from my own mind and ask people to pay for it?


Who am I to take people’s money?


What if they don’t like it?


People need to pay rent, and people don’t have money so no one is going to be able to buy what I’m selling.



Seriously. This is what went through my head. I let people into my courses for free because I was too afraid to ask for money. I didn’t think I could charge anything for it. I thought people already knew what I was talking about so why would they pay to learn about it? I was so embarrassed to promote or talk about what I had created that I didn’t. I would get an idea for something, sit on it for a while, make one half-assed announcement about it on social media, then drop the idea when no one asked to give me money immediately.


I actually worked for Apple for a few years at a retail store and had the best sales training in the industry, but still sucked at selling.


What was the problem?


Mostly it was self-worth. I didn’t believe, in any of the above situations, that I had anything of value to offer. I viewed selling as trying to convince someone to spend money on something they didn’t need. I was projecting my own limiting beliefs onto other people and in that I was taking something away from them. Even when someone had expressed interest in purchasing something (ie a computer) I was diminishing their experience and assuming they didn’t really want/need it. Which is completely unfair.


This is not my mindset any more.


I have a business and this is how I make money. So I had no choice but to change that previous mindset. There are a few things I have done to help me completely change how think and feel about money as well as how I think and feel about selling.


Mindset shifts;


1. Call it serving instead of selling – You have skills and knowledge that you have accumulated over time. Some of it you probably had to pay to get. You have something that could help someone. It’s not up to you to decide if they want to pay for it. You’re not trying to convince someone to give you money. You’re providing value that people need, and if it wasn’t needed out in the world you wouldn’t have been gifted with the desire and passion to follow the path you’re on.


2. Talk about the impacts not the pieces – no one wants to buy coaching. Just like people don’t work to accumulate pieces of paper or numbers on a screen. It’s the value assigned to those things people actually want. Another way of looking at it that really helped me is when someone is selling a vacation to someone else, they’re not talking about the waiting in line at the airport or the 10 hour plane ride (which are the pieces), they’re talking about the hot sun, beautiful sandy beaches, the relaxation people will experience (the impacts).


3. If you don’t ask and give a clear call to action, there will be no action – people need to be instructed on what steps to take and that there even are steps to take. If you want people to click a link or ask a question or buy something, you need to let them know this is possible and how to do it. There are ideal and less ideal ways to go about this, but the first step is knowing that you need to be clear and make it easy for people to pay you.

4. MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO PAY YOU – I call this opening the channels. If you think that money can only come to you one way (eg through your business), but you have no open channels for money to come to you, then you’re blocking the money from manifesting. You think it can only come one way but you haven’t opened any doors to receive it via this channel.


5. Money comes from the Universe through people – other people are the only anyone can get money. It always has to come via another person. But, the money doesn’t come from them, it comes through them. I like to do a little visualisation where I see silhouettes of people with a light coming down from the Universe into the person then from the person to me. I believe that any money that is coming to me already has my name on it. I believe that people ask the Universe for money specifically so they can pay me and get the services I can provide.


OK there are soooooo many more but these are the most important ones.


If you have limiting stories or beliefs about money that are holding you back from selling you have got to sort them out ASAP. I got NOWHERE in my business for a year and a half because I let the fear, worries and doubts I had about money lead the way. The stories and limiting beliefs I had about money had been there for years. They weren’t mine, they were unintentionally given to me by the people around me as I was growing up and I decided I didn’t want them any more.


It wasn’t until I started doing the work to release and replace those old beliefs at a deep level that the changes started to happen. I was able to get rid of the fucked up shit I had believed for years and stop holding myself back from showing up and standing out. I used tools like hypnotherapy, tapping, anchoring and daily identity shifting that everything changed.


You can do the same. You can decide that those old beliefs and stories are not yours to carry around any more and you can choose more empowering ones that will allow you to serve and sell easily and gratefully.



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Selling is serving