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Learn how to build an irresistible and profitable coaching business

Ready to finally start standing out from the crowd of coaches and create the coaching business you’ve been dreaming of?


Watch this free training and I’ll guide you through the 4 things you need to focus on to build an irresistible and profitable coaching business (that lasts!)

 Here’s what you’re going to learn in each session;

session 1

What are the thoughts, beliefs, actions and rituals of a stand out coach? In this session you’ll learn the internal shifts you need to create for yourself so you can fully step into your leader identity and become the person who guides their clients to massive transformation. We’ll cover why it’s important for you to ensure you’re taking care of yourself and your mindset so you can hold space for your clients to achieve the same possibility.

session 2

In this session you’ll learn HOW to show up as a leader online. We’ll cover what you need to be doing, how to figure out where and how to show up, how to get people to notice you among the sea of other coaches AND how to get over the fear of putting yourself out there! 

session 3

Learn the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that will help you AND your clients experience a complete up-level; A QUANTUM SHIFT. NLP is the secret of the worlds high performers and you are going to get access to them too. You’ll learn why and how NLP is so powerful and we’ll also cover how hypnosis is a fast track to the subconscious mind that creates huge shifts in minutes. You’re going to LOVE this one!

session 4

Have you ever wanted a structure for your coaching sessions? Find out how to structure your sessions, how to hold space for your clients, how to keep them accountable and what to say in your coaching sessions (HINT: it’s already inside you). You will never have to worry about what to say and always know that you can completely trust that you’ll never be left wondering if you have the right answer.