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Anchoring is probably one of my favourite NLP techniques because it is so fast, easy and powerful. I have helped many clients integrate this technique into their daily lives to help them with literally anything mindset related (which is everything) AND it’s an amazing tool to help you get into a state of abundance with the press of a button… yes, it is that easy!



Anchoring involves getting the mind and body deep into the desired state, e.g. abundance, and creating an “anchor” on the body that can be used to enter this state at any time afterwards simply by accessing the same point that was used during the session.


Think of an anchor like this; think back to a time that a song came on your headphones and it immediately took you back to a time in the past, it could be a specific experience even, and all of a sudden you started feeling those exact same feelings you used to feel when you heard that song? It’s like you have been transported back in time and you’re there in that moment, feeling the things, hearing what you would hear, visualising the people or situations that song reminds you of. That song is an anchor. It’s a stimulus that tells your body to feel certain feelings and think certain thoughts.


We can do this on command and that is what we do with the NLP anchoring technique. This NLP technique creates a stimulus-response pattern that allows you to feel any emotion you desire based on the anchor created.


How does this tie into manifestation? One of the most important aspects of tapping into the life you desire, dissolving time and making quantum shifts is to get into the feeling of your desires already having manifested now. It’s impossible for us to feel good every single second of the day because we’re human. Negative emotions are part of the human experience and we’re not trying to eradicate them completely. The point of this is to help you get out of a lower vibration/ negative thought pattern as quickly as possible. It’s about taking control of your experience and choosing how you want to feel instead of holding onto the negative downward spiral.


Although I relate this technique to helping you manifest, I want you to know that the real magic of this technique happens within your unconscious mind. We’re creating change at an unconscious (subconscious) level and this is where all of your manifestation power comes from. You are the Universe and the magic is you.



When I do this technique with my clients we can get really really deep since I know how to help them access their desired feelings at a super deep level. But I’m not going to leave you high and dry! Here are some amazing ways that you can create anchors for yourself. Listen to this podcast episode where I walk you through exactly how to create an anchor for yourself.


NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT TIP: The anchors you choose have to help you FEEL things. Over time it will get stronger but you must choose stimuli that elicit positive emotions inside you.



Vision boards are amazing told to help you tap into the feelings of your goals. Visual representations are great because they very clearly represent the things we desire to create and achieve. Make sure you choose images that represent something to you and you haven’t just chosen it because it’s pretty. FEELING is key!




Another really popular tool for creating an anchor is to find an object you resonate with and decide the thoughts and feelings you would like to anchor to it. It can be a crystal, rock, hat, anything!


Start by holding the object, close your eyes and take a deep breath and bring on the desired feeling. Make them really, really strong. Hold onto that feeling for a moment and make sure you’re also holding the object. As the feeling starts to decrease you can open your eyes and put the object down.


At first, you might have to actively remind yourself to think of the thoughts and tap into the feelings, but eventually, it will happen automatically. And constantly tapping into the thoughts and feelings is actually a good thing because it helps you to strengthen the anchor.



When I first started on my personal development journey a few years ago the very very first thing I did was decide that whenever I walked into a room I would smile, remind myself to be nice and to be happy. This was literally the first step I took on my journey and it has snowballed from there.


You can make this any action and any thought/feeling for you. The point is to make it something you connect with and make it strong


The most important thing with all of this, be it mindset or manifestation work, is to feel good. Decide that you are open to feeling better than you felt yesterday. Decide that you are willing to receive more than you received yesterday.


There are so many other amazing tools that help you unlock the power of your subconscious mind to manifest fast and step into your next level that I love to use with my clients.


Let me know how you set up your anchor! Don’t forget to add me on instagram and share your learnings and actions with me there!



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The NLP technique that helps you manifest faster